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Manually with a right click (or Ctrl + right click) on an iOS device name in iTunes, then selecting Create Backup from the pop-up menu. For each device, the system maintains a single backup (unless you manually copy files from the backup folder to another location before creating a fresh backup).
You don’t have an iCloud account or you simply don’t trust the cloud (after all, your peace of mind is at least as important as actual security). In order to configure your device to create or restore iCloud backups, you will need your Apple ID and password. Before going any further, I’ll say that iCloud backups are identical in their content to a local backup with no password protection.
Now, considering that iCloud backups are not password-protected, the keychain stored in the cloud is encrypted with a hardware-specific key.
If you are running Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker on a PC that has iTunes installed, EPBB will display the list of all backups to all iOS devices synced to that computer, complete with their names, versions and phone numbers. If iTunes is not installed (or if you are breaking a backup you manually copied from a different PC), you’ll need to specify path to “manifest.plist” from the backup file you are recovering.
As you can see from Figure 4, the current maximum recovery speed is about 50,000 passwords per second. If you opt to download individual files by checking the Restore original file names option, you’ll be able to specify categories to download (e.g.
Although the files have a binary structure, non-password protected local backups as well as iCloud backups are not encrypted (except keychain data).
Note If you were using two-factor authentication to access your mailbox, social account or other resources, the password retrieved from the keychain will not do much as you’ll be able to use it without the secondary authorization factor only from the original device.
Important If you recover a device from an iCloud backup, the registered email account of the corresponding Apple ID will receive a message notifying that the device has been recovered from a backup copy.

An iTunes backup can be imported into Oxygen Forensic Tools directly if it has no password or if the password is known.
Browse, view and export media files with iBackupBot’s built-in Media Browser, media files include: photos from camera roll, voice memo, voicemail, multimedia SMS message and media file of APPs.
Best practice: let your device make daily iCloud backups, and create local backups manually at bi-weekly. Make sure the password is at least 8 characters long and contains characters from at least three character sets from the four sets available (small and capital letters, numbers, special characters).
With the new iCloud and the updated version of iTunes, you can now re-download all of your previously purchased apps, books, music and TV shows.
Select your content, and if you authorized your computer, it will let you download this content again.
MelAus PartnersITUNES DOWNLOAD MUSIC FROM ICLOUDSongs, apps, orjun , min uploaded by wwwinsanelygreatmacthanks to download. With iCloud, you only get 5 GB of free storage, and can top your account at 55 GB regardless of the number of devices you have registered on that account.
According to Apple, iCloud backups are intended for a sole purpose of restoring a device after factory reset or initializing a new device. Therefore, you can easily recover secured items from the keychain onto the same device, but cannot do the same for a new device. You can, for example, reset the device and restore it from the cloud backup, then enter a new password for local backups.
Interestingly, if you download the backup with Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker, the notification message is not sent. Open iTunes and click on the new Purchased link in the right hand list of links (see below).

Our colleague and friend Vladimir Bezmaly (MVP Consumer security, Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor) shares some thoughts, tips and tricks on iTunes and iCloud backups. You can supplement iCloud backups with local copes by making a full iTunes backup on a monthly basis. With Apple devices ranging from 8 GB to 128 GB memory and considering that most Apple users have at least two devices (e.g. Even if you don’t need your old backups, you cannot “reset” the password without knowing the old one or resetting the device, losing all data in the process and having no ability to restoring from a password-protected backup. You can only restore cloud backups onto a freshly initialized device, either new from Apple store or immediately following a factory reset. As a result, iCloud is not a perfect backup solution when upgrades and changes in hardware are concerned. You won’t be able to change the password without entering an old one, and you won’t be able to restore from a password-protected backups without entering the password.
However, you can set up your phone to make cloud backups automatically, and manually create iTunes backups every now and then. If you are using iCloud backups, the keychain can only be restored onto the same device it was backed up from.
On the other hand, you can access these files from any Apple device registered with the same Apple ID. Their speed is limited by the speed of the cloud storage, which is far from amazing and is much slower than your typical DSL or cable Internet connection.

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