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IT Training Nepal understands this scenario, therefore attempts to provide right guidance to students as well as professionals to help them prosper in their academic and professional careers. IT Training Nepal recently performed a research in the current IT industry of Nepal and discovered the most demanded career paths in IT in following segments. We, IT Training Nepal, have been offering short term training courses in various programming languages which are essential during the software development to students and graduates with the aim of producing qualified professionals able to meet the demands of this rapidly evolving and growing IT industry. You may have different reasons for wanting to join programming language training courses, maybe you want to build foundational knowledge on programming language or you want to learn programming language to get jobs in the market or you are working professional aspiring to attain leadership positions in your organization. Training on Programming courses is required for developing software applications and systems.
Programming course training programs are helpful to students to perform better academically in subjects like project management, system analysis and design courses. These training courses enable students to develop and enhance theoretical knowledge gained during academic career and implement that knowledge in practical real time scenarios. At IT Training Nepal, we access the logic level of students and then incorporate the components to nurture the interest of students towards programming. If you are interested in mobile based application development, then Android training is for you. Advanced PHP Training Course gives you knowledge of standard coding practices, database architecture, design patterns and indepth knowledge of PHP programming. Learn more about database, data manipulation and report generation with our MS Access Training. Advanced Joomla Training Course for PHP programmers and web developers to customize Joomla website and Joomla extensions. Join MySQL Training course to develop concepts of relational database, SQL programming and database design. Start your development career in Java with the most comprehensive training provided by Java experts from top software companies in Kathmandu, Nepal. If you are looking to create a shopping websites or store to display your product online, then ecommerce training is right one for you.
High quality PHP training by expert trainers from various software development company in Nepal. This IT, Literacy and Economic Regeneration project was initiated by Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club in 2010 and aims to change lives at a grass roots level in the remote upland Panchamul Valley in Nepal.
My lasting memories of Nepal were ones of song, dance, colour, smiles, stunning landscapes and a rich cultural and spiritual heritage (and of course bumpy roads!).
The immediate need for assistance is obviously very real as Nepal struggles to cope with the sheer scale of this disaster, which is estimated to have affected 8 million people and killed and injured many 1000s.
Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club have set up a fund to support ongoing and sustainable Rotary projects in Nepal. The population in Nepal are still in a state of significant shock, particularly in a 100 mile radius from the epicentre region of Gorkha. Some 70% (20 million) of the population of Nepal live in rural areas, mainly in the 1000’s of foothill valleys.
Nepalese Rotarians have visited each of the supported villages to distribute the aid and will identify any further needs subsequent to their visits, particularly those relating to monsoon survival. The event was a great success and a combination of ticket sales, donations and sponsorship have produced a ?10,000 profit which has been donated to Harrogate Brigantes’ two current international projects – the provision of a sustainable supply of clean water in Africa through Sand Dams and the Club’s own IT and literacy project that is bringing computer skills to a remote valley in Nepal.
After completing web designing training, I was hired as a web designer at IT Training Nepal.
I was searching for the best computer training institute in Kathmandu to learn programming languages, and in that pursuit i found their website. I had some knowledge of web designing before I joined here but later I was trained professionally at IT Training Nepal and now I am working in this institute as design instructor. After finishing my training at IT Training Nepal, I joined IT Training Nepal as an design intern, then worked there as a designer. My training at IT Training Nepal has given me a good insight about web design and web development. IT Training Nepal provides internship opportunity for students who wish to enter the professional software development industry. Unpaid mode for students who have completed the training at IT Training Nepal  with a motive to increase their proficiency in their respective platform.

If your company is in need of skilled manpower on various platforms or frameworks then IT Training Nepal can conduct a customized training on the basis of your requirement. If you are looking to apply for internship, or searching for internship in Kathmandu, then visit our computer training institute we will provide you details our training and internship program.
The rapidly changing market needs of the global IT industry have instilled the dynamism in the training programs of certification courses at IT Training Nepal. For an efficient training in IT programs, adequate resources of tools and technology are inevitably required.. IT Training is an authorized Microsoft training partner that offers training on Microsoft Windows Server.
Learn more about the types of training we provide by selecting from the following course filters below: Technology, Vendor, Certification or Role. At IT Training Nepal, we have been providing trainings on different computer courses from corporate IT Trainings to advance software development course. The job oriented training courses will offer the students to grasp the boundless opportunities in the market.
Most advanced MsSQL Training course conducted for database administrators, software programmers and IT professionals by experts working in database platform. Srijan Shah, director at IT Training Nepal, says, “In our effort to give students quality education at the most convenient price, we offer different options for students to consider.
If you are confused whether these programs are suitable or not for you, then ITN provides a screening test before enrolling in fast track training programs.
The course is offered in various modes at our computer institute: Fast Track PHP Training, Online PHP Training and Advanced PHP Training. IT Training Nepal, at regular intervals, forms an intellectual team of its trainers and experts from the top IT companies of Nepal to make a collaborated effort for developing PHP and MySQL training curriculum. Basic PHP training course follows the procedural programming pattern and covers the essential fundamental concepts. The training session intends to impart participants with a flair for integrating jQueries animations such as rotators, sliders, and different kinds of advanced jQuery effects. I had a good knowledge of PHP Programming at college, but after the training I found myself at a different level in programming.
I was searching in internet for a professional PHP training institute in Kathmandu and I found their website online. We perform intensive counseling to determine aptitude, strength and weakness before enrolling students in professional training program. Similarly, in the context of Nepal IT industry is in its booming phase with the highest ratio of job placements available every day. Although, our service-journey began within the context of Nepal, we constantly extend our services to people who are living abroad.
With the growth in IT industry in Nepal and globally, Project Managers are highly in demand in the market. In addition, we also have been providing training programs on advance modules of programming to working professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge in particular field or intending to switch careers.
If you are seeking enter into job market in Nepal by quickly learning programming then PHP would be a good choice for you.
Money has already been sent out to Nepal via the central Yorkshire District 1040 appeal; providing food, CGI sheeting and Anderson Shelters. After my training I got an opportunity to design few websites and I am glad to say that I could meet the benchmark set by the client.
Meantime I joined IT Training Nepal for professional training which has helped me to secure my job in IT company as a web developer.
Come and join us, we will suggest you the right certification courses based on your training needs.
On the one hand, IT Training Nepal assists students to open new doors of career opportunities.
IT Training Nepal is equipped with the essential devices and technologies for conducting trainings on various platforms. It was when I was in Nepal for my summer break in on 2012; I joined the Oracle course at IT Training Nepal. Therefore, a holistic training approach is taken to guarantee success while teaching such type of professional courses.

If not the case, IT Training Nepal arranges foundation classes to develop your programming concepts .
Moreover, some students cannot practice things taught at training and they need to rejoin the courses.
Visit IT Training Nepal to know the reasons to select our computer institute for PHP training course. Also, the teaching methodology that IT Training Nepal have devised is of international standard and has yielded internationally competent PHP programmer so far. After a rigorous activity of discussion and brainstorming, the most effective course syllabus and training strategy is sought out. If not, candidates are required to take one week HTML training before attending PHP programming classes. Students are taught to implement the knowledge and skills acquired during the training in the project work.
This question becomes prime concern for students intending to join training courses with us and rightly so. Join CMS training with the objective to develop websites having a CMS to manage its content. Indeed with their infectious smiles and sense of resilience, it is easy to see why the Nepalese people have found a special place in the hearts of so many of our team. I feel i took the right decision to join this computer training center, as their tutoring and guidance enhanced my knowledge and has helped me a lot to show my professionalism at work. After my training at IT Training Nepal, my performance was best during my internship at one of the software company.
We also have training courses for professionals working in various organizations as administrative and managerial staffs. IT Training Nepal provides a learning environment that is suitable for growth, with trainers having the passion for sharing their knowledge and experience. Based on feedback, with a motive to optimize the learning ability of apprentices, training methodology is accordingly changed and updated. I consulted friends and got the suggestion that IT Training Nepal provides best PHP training in Nepal.
I found that PHP course taught at IT Training Nepal is highly professional and job oriented. The learning environment provided by their computer training institute is excellent for IT graduates.
For example, Major Lil Gurung, our main project co-ordinator in Nepal, was born in the Panchamul Valley and was educated at the school where we fitted our first IT suite. Luckily, I chose IT Training Nepal for the training where I got fully assisted not only in the training but also in pre and post examination processes. We have conducted various thorough researches as well as held discussion with fellow professionals to determine which of these technologies have demand and scope around the world and especially in Nepalese IT Industry.
Courses like MS Office, Advance Excel, Basic Computer Training, IT support Officer training have been designed especially to meet the requirements of corporate world. The overall training approach taken by ITN adds as a supplement to make their course as the best PHP course in Nepal. We in no way are intending to disrespect the academic system in Nepal; however, truth is it is seriously flawed. Thanks to the team of IT Training Nepal who gave me a wonderful learning experience programming right from the scratch. Nepalese education system focuses on theoretical aspects of knowledge, so most of graduates lack the practical knowledge required in real time software development. We, IT Training Nepal, have learned from our experience with this education system and have started this training center to contribute in making better nation.

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