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Harris Security is a licensed security training provider that offers an online version of the Ministry-mandated Ontario security license training course, as administered by professional and experienced instructors to assist you throughout the way. Complete the Ministry security exam once you have successfully completed our course and we have informed the Ministry of your eligibility to write the final exam, which costs $60 plus tax, consists of 60 multiple choice questions, and is held at various stations across Ontario. To inquire about taking any of these training courses, please call 613-726-6713 or contact us.
Harris Security is an Ontario-based security agency and a provider of in-class and online security license training courses. Our security guard training students have some good things to say about the training experience we provide, as well as how these skills have helped them reach their career goals.

We work with an array of premiere clients in Ottawa, Toronto, and beyond who trust us time and again to deliver the security and protection they need to stay safe and at ease. We give you a personalized experience with real-life examples, and skill training beyond just what is mandated. Since we train most of the people we hire ourselves, we have a full array of training courses in-house to bring you to a more advanced level.
Our students have told us how our training not only prepares them to be a security guard, but also teaches them important life skills they can carry through to just about any career.
The below courses will teach you skills that can be used for a variety of security and personal protection career applications.

Since we are also a Ministry-approved security training provider, we have personally trained our full security staff ourselves, and we continually provide training to others for various rewarding security careers in Ontario.

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