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Floola is an iTunes alternative freeware specially designed for iPod, Motorola mobile phone transfer and management. AnyTrans is the iTunes alternative that used for any kind of transfer of apps, music libraries, media file content and many more. SynciOS is a free alternative to iTunes for Windows that not only helps you to download any kind of music or whole albums of your own choice but is also a great assist in managing it. This method is quite inconvenient for you if you just want to add new songs to your device without going through the lengthy sync process.

Without iTunes you can easily transfer your music files and all your media file data from your iPod to PC. With SynciOS you can make a lot of playlist without interrupting the original music library. After this article you can even know how to get rid of the complicated process to sync music to iPad without iTunes. The great feature of Floola is that you are able to add music from any computers (including your friends’ computers) to your iPod.

It can only work well in sync data while comes with lack of features when comparing with iTunes. It is easy to organize the data and you can make a large number of playlists of your favorite music without getting your device burdened.

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