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In an admirable stand against the actions of the Chinese hackers, TUAW editors chose not to reveal the name or url of the pirate app marketplace out of respect for the iOS developer community’s hard work. As a Los Angeles iPad app developer it’s disappointing to see how far some so called hacktivists will go to cheat the system.
Luckily, there are numerous forums and websites dedicated to sharing free promotional iTunes coupons which are often shred by App developers to kickstart there listings at the store. Once we have the free promocode, just start creating an Apple Appstore account and paste it in the appropriate location as instructed in the image below. This is just one of the many helpful tips we have posted, You can find more stories here, Do subscribe to updates using your favorite RSS feed reader or using the secure FeedBurner email update form on top of this post.
Apart from paid content iTunes Store also offers free music, videos, applications and games for your Apple devices, accessible through iTunes Store account requiring a credit-card number to register. However, if you don't have an credit-card or don't want to use one and just want to use iTunes Store to download free content or access album art follow the trick below to create an iTunes Store account using the free gift coupon trick.

Visit this special Tunecore free album promo page and click on the “Click here for code” button to get free iTunes Store coupon code for downloading 34 free songs worth $33. It works fine you need to search and download free games and applications for your iPod or iPhone device. You can download free games and applications from iTunes tore for your Apple devices, just search for them. 2 Goto the bottom of the page and look on the right for the apps files where its says free and click on any app. You click get app on a free app and click create account go through all the details till credit card and click none! According to a TUAW news report, a group of highly skilled Chinese hackers recently launched a pirated version of the iTunes app store.
The iTunes coupon shared earlier is no longer redeemable, and today we will learn how to search and use free iTunes gift coupons and promo-codes to register account at Apple store and get free music, apps and games at the same time.

If the user is located outside China then they are refused access to the store and are redirected to another website run by the hackers. It can take a team of developers months or years to take an app idea all the way to the app store. The incentive is lost for developers to continue creating cool apps when their ability to eek out a living is destroyed by Chinese hackers.

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