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The words “free” and “legal” generally do not go together on the internet, especially when it comes to downloading music. While it may feel nice to get your music fix for free, think about it from the musician’s point of view. Amazon, one of the largest online music sellers online, also offers free music to download.

Jamendo currently offers 313,675 (at the time of writing this post) free music tracks and rightly claims to let you “Discover the true value of free music”.
Here we present to you 5 sites for downloading free music legally so that you do not have to carry the guilt of wrongdoing (such as downloading pirated music) while listening to your favorite number. Visit Amazon Free Music and browse the list of over 2800+ songs or browse through songs in specific categories such as Rock, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Hip-hop and many more.

Musicians can also upload their work and reach 40 million fans, if the site is to be believed.

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