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Rita Mulcahy, the author of the best-selling PMP Exam Prep book, has released her new PMP Exam Prep Online, 6th Edition program. Purely from content perspective, most of the information in the course can also be found in Rita's PMP Exam Prep book, Fastrack Simulator and Flashcards combined together.
Gives you access to blogs, which allow you to share your experience and opinion with fellow PMs and PMP aspirants. Her knowledge and authority on the subject brings conviction in her voice and is very reassuring for the nervous PMP aspirant.
She looks down very often in the videos, probably to refer to notes in front of her below the camera.

Rita Mulcahy is arguably the most popular name in the PMP Certification world, and when you go through the course, you realize why. The program is an all-in-one PMP Exam Prep course that includes multimedia tutorials, online versions of her famous PMP Exam Prep Book, PM Fastrack Exam Simulator Software and Hot Topics Flashcards. The lessons are full of really informative video and audio clips of Rita Mulcahy, a lot of interactive exercises and games, and a pre- and post-test.
I'm simply trying to help PMP aspirants by providing them a wide range of options when it comes to selecting a good PMP exam preparation course. For a twelve minute video, if you miss one sentence and want to listen to it again, you'll have to go back and play the whole video again.

However, when you consider the value of freebies like $70 for the book, $200 for the Simulator and $35 for the flashcards, you pay only about $680 to get a top-quality, comprehensive and an immensely useful online course, which also gives you 35 Contact Hours.
At the end of each lesson, you get access to the PDF version of the corresponding chapter from Rita's PMP Exam Prep book, and the multimedia flashcards.

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