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Free Music Downloader has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn't have a review in English. However, it hasn't kept up with the development of those sites and fails to pick up music you listen to on their sites. Free Music Zilla isn't a total failure, however, as there are many sites it easily downloads content from.

Also, the many music blogs that feature sample MP3s work very well with Free Music Zilla. The interface is extremely simple.
Because many video sites don't call files by artist name an so on, sometimes it's hard to see if the file is the one you want, but downloading is painless, so you can always check and rename later. In its preferences you can choose which browsers Free Music Zilla should monitor, where to put downloaded files, and whether it starts on startup, minimizes to system tray, etc. Free Music Zilla is a very basic downloader, but it's effective when it works!

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