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Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with downloading free music from iTunes. Of course, there are downsides to downloading free music on iTunes, but these negatives are far outweighed by the positives.
The great thing about this section is that not only can you download free music, but you can also download TV episodes, movies, music videos, and apps all for free. The iTunes store is regularly replacing the free music, tv shows and other media with new free media.
You do need an Apple iTunes account that is associated with a real person in the iTunes store's country to download free music, tv shows and other media. It is theoretically possible to create a fake account to download the free music and stuff from iTunes. May be I'm doing something wrong, but I've scrolled all over the place in iTunes and I can't find any reference to free stuff.
Another good way to get free music from iTunes is to go to your local Starbucks where each Tuesday, they have a new free track to give away.
In the UK you need to go to the iTunes Store, select Music in the top menu and then "Single of the Week" in the right hand column. Music that competes download using Automatic Downloads appears in the Music app in iPhone 4S. Transfer, Download, Record, Organize, Manage, Burn, Discover and Enjoy Your Favorite Music Without iTunes.

Note: Don't click this Google result - "iTunes - Music - Free" - it's not the free iTunes songs, but a band from England called "Free". However, it is a hugely popular industry, and most people are currently buying their music digitally rather than physically. Firstly, there is the ability to discover new music that you probably would not have been able to find otherwise. The only real negative is that you are not going to be able to get well known songs by really popular artists for free. Please note that this section may not be available in all localized iTunes stores.Once you see this section you should click on the ‘See All’ tab, and you will be presented with the page shown below.
I'm from Norway so I can't get the free songs from the US store - and they most def do not have a free section in the Norwegian store.
It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers.
Likewise, recording of online music should NOT be considered illegal as long as you only use it for personal purpose, and do NOT conduct any illegal distribution of the recorded materials.
Occasionally, there will be popular songs available for free download such as live versions, but this is not a regular occurrence.
With Automatic Downloads, you won't have to physically sync individual purchases from one Apple mobile device to iTunes in your computer, just so you can share them with the rest of your Apple mobile devices. Click Free to get free iTunes downloaded, or learn more about those free music on iTunes Store.

Obviously, one or two downloads a week isn’t going to break the bank, but for those who like to discover new music, this isn’t really an option.
The good thing about this is that you can continuously add new music to your iTunes library and possibly discover an artist that you love and would like to hear more of. Automatic Downloads makes sure your Apple mobile devices have the same purchased apps, book, and music content without having to manually and physically sync them to iTunes in your computer. When you are buying music from iTunes you are only going to be buying songs by artists that you have actually heard of whereas free music offers a much wider range of different styles of music that you would not otherwise listen to. And since purchases made on iTunes in your computer also use your Apple ID, all these purchases can be automatically downloaded to your Apple mobile devices that have enabled this feature. Maybe it's a good idea to buy your music instead, and spend more time on your work or with your family, instead. And it also works the other way around: iTunes can be set to automatically download purchases you make in any of your Apple mobile device. You can reach the store with a click on iTunes store in the sidebar after starting up the Apple iTunes software.
This way, your iTunes Library in your computer and  all your Apple mobile devices are always wirelessly "in sync".

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