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Download free and legal music online with Music Box - Free Mp3 Downloader & Player on your iPhone. Freelegal is a free music download app that can process free music downloads for iPhone or iPad and provides you with more than 7 million different MP3 songs via your local library.
Beats Music is a great free music download app for those that want to stream music fast and then download it to their device.
Spotify Music just like its sister app Spotify, this one allows you to access all the music on the popular platform without any hassle. The app supports multiple downloads at a single time, background downloads and even pausing, resuming or cancelling a download that is in progress.
Music Free Download Pro is a great tool if you need to download an unlimited number of songs to your device. Just press the Download button located near each song and the download will start automatically.
Soundcloud is a huge music database and the fact that you can easily use this app to download songs from there is nothing short of amazing. Total Downloader Free brings a great way to download videos an movies online without too much hassle.
The Music+ brings a lot of convenience for people that buy music often, as it allows them to easily download their music without any hassle. Video Download & Play is mainly built for downloading videos from YouTube but it also works with music as well, since you can easily download the video to MP3. Download and install the app from the app store, then use the integrated browser to add the songs you want to download. Media Cloud Free allows you to access your audio files saved on Soundcloud, Dropbox Google Drive and many other websites.
How to Use Media Cloud Free: You need to install the app and connect to the desired website you want to download the songs from.
Alpha SCWL is more than a music download, it’s a tool that brings the ability to listen and download audio files with various subliminal positive messages. How to Use Alpha SCWL: Download the app from the app store, listen to the audio files then choose the ones you want to download and start the process by pressing the Download button. How to Use Spinrilla: Download and install the app then choose the songs you want to listen to. Music S&D allows you to download music to your iPod touch legally, without any problems. Free Music Downloader allows you to download music and videos but also manage and play then on your iPod. How to Use Free Music Downloader: Grab it from the App Store then go the music website you want to download the song from.
SFSoft Soundcloud Downloader allows you to download music from your Soundcloud account directly to your iPod. How to Use SFSoft Soundcloud Downloader: Download the app, explore Soundcloud and press the Download button when you want to download a certain song. AwesomeMusic Player allows you to browse videos, download them and then convert them to MP3 for more convenience. How to Use AwesomeMusic Player: You search for the video you want to view, then press the download button.
Tunee Music is an application allows you to explore the Internet and download all the music files you need just by tapping on them. How to Use Tunee Music: Go to the Play Store and download the app, then search for the desired song. Music Download Paradise brings a lot of licensed music to your Android phone with just a simple touch.

How to Use Music Download Paradise: Download the app and then enter the desired term in the search bar. MP3 Music Downloader is great on free music downloads for Android and allows you to download tons of MP3 files through a great search engine. How to Use MP3 Music Downloader: Download the app and enter the desired search term in the Search window.
Super MP3 Downloads allows you to search the Internet for the desired song genre and provides access to quite a large database. How to Use Super MP3 Downloads: Install the app then search for the desired song or artist.
DreamzAppz MP3 Music Downloader brings you the ability to play as well as download tens of thousands of songs from multiple websites online. How to Use DreamzAppz MP3 Music Downloader: You need to install the app then enter the desired search term in the search bar. Perfect Music Downloader integrates a powerful search engine that allows you to find creative commons and copyleft licensed music all over the web. How to Use Perfect Music Downloader: Just like most apps, you need to download it then search for the desired song. Music Download enables you to browse the Internet for music and download the MP3 files to the SD card.
How to Use Music Download: Search the music and download it to the SD card by simply entering the desired search term then pressing the Download button. MP3 Music Downloader Paradise downloads the latest songs be it popular hits or underground mixes. How to Use MP3 Music Downloader Paradise: Install the app and perform a search for the desired song or artist.
GTunes MP3 Music Downloader just like the other apps, it allows you to download the desired MP3 file from the Internet.
How to Use GTunes MP3 Music Downloader: Download the app, enter the browser and search for music.
Cons: Sharing doesn’t work on all devices and there are some problems with downloading certain MP3s. When I got an ad for this software it mislead me to think that you could download Netflix shows with it. Thank you for coming to iMore and your offer, I wish you the best of luck and hope you are successful. Now most of us would like to listen to music on the go on mobile devices like iPhone, iPod or Android. You can also convert the downloaded videos to any video or audio format for playback anywhere anytime. The great thing about this app is that it lets you access more than 20 million songs from just about every genre, so you’ll surely have a blast exploring all the music you can find here. It brings support fir MP3, WAV as well as M4A files which is surely helpful if you browse website with numerous download options. You can use the app just as easy for streaming music, but if downloading it is what you are really after, then you can easily do that without a problem. The application is very easy to use, it’s completely optimized for iOS7 and it even allows you to record as well as playback music without any problem.
It’s quite easy to use as well, and it brings numerous improvements to the normal formula, such as a high quality player as well as complete support for an unlimited number of resources. Once you find the song or video you want to download, you just have to press the download button.
After that you can enter the desired search term in the search panel and press the download button for the results.

Tap the song then press the Download button and the song will immediately be added to your list.
Once there, listen to the songs and press the Download button near them in order to download the desired songs. What makes it interesting is that it also brings you the ability to stream the songs prior to downloading them, which is neat to say the least. It features a browser, downloader and player bringing complete integration with all of these components. If you want to download just press the Download button and you will grab the song immediately.
After that you just need to select the video and convert it to the desired format for convenience. Tunee will give you a list with all the search results that displays download size as well as quality. After that you will have to browse through the results and preview the song or download it by pressing the homonym buttons. It brings a feature rich music player that includes album art, sound equalizer and sleep timer, but also a great downloader. After that you will have to browse the search results, press Download and wait for the download to complete. You can choose to manage the download tasks individually or in bulk, depending on your needs.
It enables you to search the Internet for the music you need and downloads it without any problems.
After that press the Play or Download button in order to listen to the song or download it to your device.
Unlike others listed here though, it doesn’t have any ads or notification ads, instead it allows you to find and download the music you want. It brings you the ability to preview the song before downloading and has a wide range of classical music available. It also brings things like Airplay support, Background playback as well as high quality downloads, which is great. It provides quick access to a lot of unique music download websites which is surely very important. You can easily explore artist profiles and download the music you want from within a single application. Also, you don’t need to move the songs anywhere after downloading them as they are immediately added to your music library.
In addition, it also provides you with the means to set music as ringtone or share the songs. App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums Reply Speedygi likes this. The Music Box - Free Mp3 Downloader & Player also contains repeat and shuffle functions. Includes features to get the youtube video link from your browser with the click of a button and the ability to adjust the volume of the MP3 music file.
YouTube to MP3 Downloader is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

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