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Pre-order our Ultimate Guide to Learning Technologies 2016 - we'll send it to your inbox as soon as it's ready!Pre-order our Ultimate GuideWhen it's ready, we'll upload the guide here and email the PDF to everyone who signs up. If you are planning to transform learning in 2016, we're offering a free gift to help you make the best decisions for the year ahead. We joined the Charity Learning Consortium and over 100 charity sector L&D professionals for their annual conference and awards ceremony at the Grange City Hotel in London. Coaching designed for high performers preparing for new roles of increased responsibility in leadership. 360 degree feedback should be a cornerstone of any leadership development initiative as well as values alignment, authenticity, effective communication, setting strategic direction, motivating and focusing people, collaboration, accountability and building trust.
Over 700 guests gathered last night at the e-learning awards to celebrate the very best of learning for work. Francis College, has been taking groups of students out on the water to work on team building and leadership skills.   On one of these trips Carl invited Dr. Often the responsibilities of a current role cannot prepare someone for a future role and additional resources are needed to give the individual the skills, knowledge, behaviors and mindset necessary for success in the new role.
Our experience designing leadership development programs gives us access to many different approaches ensuring that we can create one that will work for your organization. 9 out of 10 are looking to transform learning culture, improve business agility, productivity and employee engagement. The Academy was introduced to develop that learning culture in the business, to bring learning to all parts of the organisation and to provide opportunities for personal development for everyone.
This type of coaching is often used for individual contributors and in conjunction with Leadership Coaching.

This coaching may have some skill and knowledge components to the degree that a leader is missing this, but more often, this coaching will focus on what is preventing the leader from doing what must be done and in many cases what they know they are supposed to do. The goal is to not only provide new skills and behaviors, it is to shift the individuals mindset about what is possible for them and help them fully leverage their capabilities in all aspects of their life. The coaching generally consists of one on one coaching, assessments (MBTI, LSI, TKI, Leadership Circle, Enneagram, Values Assessment, Competency Assessment, FIRO-B and Client Assessment), 360 interviews and preparation work for one on one sessions.
It's clear that existing training and development practices need a major overhau and his book Revolutionize Learning and Development not only explains why but also how.
We design and implement follow-up learning sessions and coaching to reinforce the program learning and support your leaders. The guiding light is the strategic direction, which is defined aspirationally by the organizational leadership.
The Report explores the lessons that L&D leaders can learn from the top performing learning organisations. Each level of the organization is then free to use their unique knowledge and perspective to inform a vision that comes from those looking at the organization from a different context.
If you require any clarification on the nature and content of these events, follow the web links for further details or feel free to contact Towards Maturity directly.About Towards MaturityTowards Maturity is a benchmarking research company that provides independent expert advice and support to help organisations use learning technologies to accelerate business performance. It leverages the data of its in-depth Benchmark Study, the largest learning technology benchmark in Europe. The majority of Top Deck organisations (94%) consider the course to be just one option for building skills (53% average) and 86% adopt approaches that support learning in the flow of work compared to 47% on average.
At that time, he was in California working on the reinvention of computer based learning following the birth of the internet.

In my first encounter with Jay, he was already living out some of the key themes of Real Learning – he continually demonstrated a growth mindset , challenging the status quo, seeking new challenges and applying his signature strengths of creative thinking and communication to drive an industry forward. The 2015 Benchmark Report clearly shows that the top performing organisations are not talking about what the next big technology, framework or model might do for them; they are busy translating their people strategy into a business strategy and using the new opportunities to transform the learning experience of those around them, rather than merely automating it. It has been wonderful working with him and his Internet Time Alliance colleague Charles Jennings creating new ways in which the conference agenda can help us learn with other people, to get feedback and to create experiences (all big themes in Real Learning). My role today is no longer purely about learning, it is also about colleague retention and reward.
When we fail to tell a story that resonates with our audience, it results in a blinkered view of what learning can achieve for the business, clouded by experiences of the past.
He is the current holder of L&D Professional of the Year for both HR Network Scotland and Training Journal, as well as the holder of the Chief Learning Officer award for the LPI. As a result, they have pursued a fundamentally different approach to learning and are fostering a learning culture throughout their organisation. They are enabling learning to happen at the point of need and are concentrating on business outputs, rather than learning inputs.

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