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Free Music Download Pro Plus iPhone app has an assortment of features like browser, download manager, file manager, media player, media library to facilitate faster and easier music download.   Some of the features are truly unique and you will not find them in other similar applications. Some people may argue on the point of Free Music Download Pro Plus iPhone app being premium software, when you have a choice of others similar software that are free.  It’s true but some of the tools featured in this app score over others because of their uniqueness and speedy downloading ability. Download free and legal music online with Music Box - Free Mp3 Downloader & Player on your iPhone.
With this tool you can search music and videos and download them straight into your iPhone. The application has a browser to search various music download sources and a single tap music download mechanism. The design of Free Music Download Pro Plus iPhone app download windows are greatly matching to the music genre ambience and the interfaces are quick to respond.

Before going premium you can even try it out the free version of the Free Music Download Pro Free app. With this app you can download the entire music files from a page at the same time and also has the auto-rename facility for MP3 files.  There is a media player that you can use to play your media files and a sleep timer is included for convenience. The first screen allows you to browse various music resources and locate links for music download. Overall it is a great downloading tool for music lovers who intend to maintain a large storage of music files. With one tap download facility you can download all music files featured in one music page easily.
The Music Box - Free Mp3 Downloader & Player also contains repeat and shuffle functions.

You can arrange your audio and video files in songs, folder or album order with the sorting facility provided in the app.
The built in new video and audio player has graphic equalizer for music boost and you can view the music lyrics when it is being played. The media player installed in this app has all the features required to play music and video files.

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