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E-learning has risen to meet the demand for staff training that has become critical at a time when downsizing has meant that remaining staff have had to take on more challenges. One reason for why e-learning is so capable of providing low cost learning solutions is its versatility. Modern e-learning is quite the opposite, delivering media-rich and mobile-ready content across a variety of platforms. E-learning has also proved useful across a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical to warehouse or office environments.

It happens on a daily basis, informally and socially, as connections are made both in and outside of the workplace environment and individual employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own professional development. Career development now benefits from learning strategies which incorporate the best of both e-learning and traditional learning methods, with the added incentive that they e-learning resources can be accessed globally and incorporate ongoing assessment criteria which provide an objective measurement of knowledge retention.
The impact upon individual career development is significant, as learning can now be conducted alongside vocational career development for maximum benefit.
Web-based learning provides a cheaper, more flexible training solution that also enables employees to train at their desktops, working at their own pace wherever and whenever they want.

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