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As an eLearning Solution Specialist, I attend to many enquiries across the globe and majority of them start and end with discussions about the cost.
This will help you to know whether the company has reputable amount of eLearning experience or not. It is recommended that the vendor should have been in this business for a minimum of 5 years dealing with large organizations. These days many software and technology companies are adding eLearning to the list of their services.
So you need to make sure that they are qualified and experienced vendors with eLearning as their primary area of business. Ask for 3-4 references and find out the details about the vendors project management, type of  projects handled and how long have been they working together.
It is very important that the vendor should follow a well-defined eLearning development process optimized for best results.
Before asking this question, try to get some knowledge on general eLearning software development landscape using research.
This information will let you know his level of expertise in areas of content creation, instructional designing, graphics and course development. As you know, your SME (Subject Matter Expert) cannot spend time in Instructional Designing and course development, because it is not their primary job. Vendor screening and selection is the first step to get into working relationship with a trustworthy partner. Having understood the role of training in increasing the potential and skillset of employees, most organizations today have set training and development teams in place.
While outsourcing content development or delivery is a very effective and an easy way to cut down costs, it may also involve unexpected costs or risks if the need is not properly evaluated. Typically, the first reason organizations try to justify development resourcing to an internal team is costs.

I was looking at some of the comments and experiences shared on LinkedIn groups about eLearning offshoring.
You need to ensure that you are working with an eLearning company directly and not a contractor who in turn outsources to various other independent vendors.
The concerns about partnership are not unique to eLearning as such but are the same in any partnership business. Learn to manage eLearning projects successfully with a resource that would guide you through the various project management stages of eLearning course development.
Learn how to get started with using a blend of Instructor Led Training (ILTs) and eLearning to achieve your business goals!
Interactive and engaging eLearning courses are preferable by one and all; but earlier, the development of such courses involved huge costs and higher developmental time.
Learn how to build professional, engaging and interactive eLearning courses that meet your specific training objectives. Assessments are an integral part of an eLearning course and go a long way in measuring learners' understanding of the subject effectively. It is well-known that globalization has resulted in revolutionary changes in the world of Learning and Development. In the last decade, we have seen a major transformation in the way learning takes place in organizations from classroom training to eLearning. Developments in technology have affected all facets of the corporate world and learning is no exception. Most organizations believe that eLearning is too expensive, impersonal, takes a long time to develop and so on. But an increasing number of them are still choosing to outsource their learning or training needs to professional eLearning vendors that offer different training services. So it would be better if it can be handled to the internal team or else you should choose a trusted eLearning vendor who can take care of your confidential information.

But, eLearning course development can become more expensive, if your organization lacks in-house expertise.
Consider with respect to your internal skill set and then decide on what part of your eLearning development can be done internally and what can be outsourced. Look for a company that has set processes and procedures in place for each of the activities involved in eLearning development.
E-learning offshoring requires establishing a long-term relationship with your eLearning partner. You can use legal agreements signed by the vendor, such as non-disclosures, if you are partnering with a new eLearning vendor. Also you can greatly cut down costs by outsourcing large volume work to a single eLearning vendor. Let me share some of the concerns that L & D professionals or training managers have when it comes to eLearning offshoring. This could indeed pose a great problem when dealing with an offshore eLearning development partner. A combination of these efforts should enable you to judge the expertise of the vendors and the quality that you can expect from them.
Nonetheless, there are remote teams working on projects in organizations and eLearning outsourcing is no different.

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