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Gillian heads up Morison’s award-winning Private Client Team, and with over 25 years of experience as a private client practitioner her area of special interest is advising families who support an adult who lacks capacity, people living with learning and physical disabilities, as well as all aspects of caring for older people.
Most recently Gillian launched an arts initiative open to people in Scotland living with a learning or a physical disability which was widely received and supported by several leading Scottish artists. A Trustee of Mainstay Trust Ltd, which provides support to people with a learning or physical disability, their families and carers, Gillian is also a Trustee of a number of charitable trusts and family trusts and, in particular, trusts established to provide for beneficiaries who lack capacity. Soft Skills ManagementSoft skills of each user of etool2smart are encouraged and we provide online training.
Smart Card SystemWe provide a smart card system to everyone of all level of users to track their location .
The proposal was then subject to a public consultation and many local stakeholders provided their insights and points of view.
Technology will cease to provide a competitive edge, as it becomes easier to partner with technology providers who themselves are looking to scale. Originally a Geography teacher, she worked in Learning Support and Special Educational Needs in Lothian before working as a senior manager in the Higher Still Development Unit in the late 1990’s.

Gillian passionately believes in delivering legal solutions in a straightforward and understandable way for people who are already dealing with challenging and complex situations. She is on the approval panel of legal providers for South Lanarkshire Council with regard to financial guardianships and provides this type service to various Local Authorities across the country. She is responsible for leading the professional arm of the RCN which includes managing and supporting the learning & development, knowledge and research and policy functions within RCN Scotland. It can maintain the inventory of all departments of the institute and provide instant report to educators. They can be de-centralized so that there is not a single bank and central database that manages all this, but a full set of services from different service providers the user can control what he or she wants to use for different needs.
Bitcoin Norway”, Co-Founder, CTO and COO of NorChain, and Alex Medana, CEO of WIP Solutions.
The regulation associates online lending portals to consumer credit providers and therefore requires they register with the Bank of Lithuania and comply with same requirements, such as advertising limitations, pre-contractual information requirements and creditworthiness assessment rules. In particular, the program provides a very high authentication level, with e-residency assigned only by Estonian embassies around the world, upon presentation of a valid passport and after the government has conducted thorough background checks on the applicants.

The main justification was that the equity crowdfunding market tends to cater for riskier businesses and is less likely to provide individuals with regular returns on their investment. Forums are allowed so as to provide extra layer of security to maintain Discipline and Dignity.
Last, the International Aggregate Index measures components to provide a wider market view. This involves companies opening their own platforms or solutions for third parties to innovate and develop new applications on the top of their own solutions. But they were not able to compete with solutions where basically anyone had the opportunity to develop a new application. Digital back offices, with user registrations and accounts, user background checks, payment solutions and other needed components with open APIs, make it easy to develop this kind of services.

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