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Even if we aspire for nothing more than to make our children walking encyclopedias, we still need to be concerned about the psychological and emotional needs of our children at school because they have a direct impact on our children’s ability to learn.
About the authorDr Shen-Li Lee is a freelance writer and mum to two boys who have been the inspiration for her ongoing study in child development and education. Nurture for the future is about developing the whole child - heart, mind and body - so that they grow up to become happy, confident and successful adults. Amongst many of his contributions to other fields in psychology, he's the originator of social learning theory (Albert Bandera, 2011). Given the growing awareness that our children will require more than a perfect academic transcript when they are done with school, I am surprised to see so few parents attending the workshops that talk about developing our children’s soft skills and emotional intelligence. She searches for the balance in child development methods and educational philosophies that will encourage the nurture of happy, confident and successful children.

His theory examines the natural inclination that both children and adults learn through imitation during social interactions and media influences.
If we as adults, with all our years of experience, struggle to focus on the task at hand when we’re emotionally upset, imagine how difficult it would be for our children who have even less experience dealing with difficult emotions. They can only move up the pyramid to the level of self-actualisation when the needs at the base of the pyramid have been provided for. Social learning theory and developmental psychology: The legacies of Robert Sears and Albert. I fixed some part of References and I added a link to an interesting handbook from Albert Bandura.
It also showed me that the school is constantly evolving to keep up with new findings on education and child development and they are committed to make the necessary changes to stay up to date.

And that’s where those workshops on mindsets for learning and positive behaviour come in. They are about meeting the basic and psychological needs of our children so that they can go on to attend to their self-fulfillment needs. He laughed it off and told me it was a small matter and I shouldn’t get so worked up over it.

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