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The final result is an understanding that the various pre-Christian ancient geo-cultural regions of Italy, as pictured later, have differing leadership styles and ways of enforcing norms or making exceptions in unusual cases, so as to elevate the standard. Thanks to my Mother sending a few dollars from her household money every month my Grandparents were able to help my uncle while my Mother helped my father learn diplomatic skills to become a Colonel.Italian diaspora, and Slavic diaspora share a common bond through many nations and tribes, in the hopes that youths and the elderly do not fall into the hands of predators.

World trade requires Monarchies with strong military style families and leadership that protect il Popolo (the People), their precious millenia old cultures and lines of Nobility, and bulldoze the trivial pursuits of politicians and opportunists such as the drone supporters.
Italy's executive Monarchy will delegate the rationale for capital punishments and verify the outcome of CORT's as a profitable national enterprise to sustain the Monarchy and its duty to enforce the European Rights of Italians, particularly women, orphans and homosexuals. The goal of a executive Monarchy is to fulfill Principality, TPM and Parliamentary needs and provide a profitable income to contribute to support Italian households which might require utilizing current mafia households, yet focus on mafia women's leadership in decision making, particularly out lesbians for moral guidance.

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