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Give entry-level managers time for professional development and networking outside the business: Organisations now operate at warp speed, but a constant focus on execution denies managers the thinking and learning time they need to become leaders. Implement a career development program tailored for each stage of the leadership pipeline: As part of your workforce planning strategy, provide opportunities for graduates to shine, give high potential employees more responsibility to stretch them, and prepare talented middle managers for the transition to senior leadership through mentoring, coaching or post-graduate management education. Operations Director for Randstad HR Consulting division, Kellie Rigg, says ‘Our next generation of leaders are coming into the workforce as a shift takes place in the way we view business leadership. Here at What Makes a Good Leader Ian Pratt brings to you his years of leadership expertise where he has repeatedly coached leaders on how to engaged their average-performing teams, resulting in significantly higher performance. Analyzing your leadership and management activity using lean six sigma and infusing what we know about employee engagement and high performing teams in to a coaching plan will see you quickly improve the performance of your teams with most leaders achieving greater than 50% improvement in performance from their team in under 8 weeks.

Leaders are not born they are developed through hard work and a constant focus on improving all areas of their leadership.
Identify high potential employees in your organisation and start talking to them about a leadership career path.
Successful managers should be leadership champions, sharing stories about their own career and lighting the way for others. Traditionally managers have risen through the ranks, purely based on logical progression from one level to the next, rather than their qualities and skills as potential leaders. Today, as employers recognise growing gaps in leadership talent, this is no longer the case’.

The Academy was introduced to develop that learning culture in the business, to bring learning to all parts of the organisation and to provide opportunities for personal development for everyone.
It's clear that existing training and development practices need a major overhau and his book Revolutionize Learning and Development not only explains why but also how. The majority of Top Deck organisations (94%) consider the course to be just one option for building skills (53% average) and 86% adopt approaches that support learning in the flow of work compared to 47% on average.

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