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Did you like the images that we have put across our websites that have been designed by the Graphic Designing Team at IT Training Nepal.
With this training course, learners become able to create both visually attractive and persuasive design in the form of logos, poster, business cards, brochures, magazine designs and other such products.
Over the years through our professional and dedicated approach in providing professional graphics designing training, we have helped a large number of aspiring students as well as professional to further their career prospects. IT Training Nepal maintains a core team of professionals and academicians tasked with continuous development in the quality of syllabus so as to match the current industry practices and needs of learners. At the end of the training, students will assigned a project work which we believe, will help them to implement their learning in real time working scenarios.
The details about syllabus is presented below, if you any questions about this Graphics designing course, please visit our Professional training center at Putalisadak or you can contact via online as well.
During the training session students will be asked to design logo, brochures, advertisements, book cover etc. My life changed very much after the professional training I have taken from IT Training Nepal. The knowledge and skills I received and mastered during the training course at IT Training Nepal has really helped in my work.
For more detailed information, please visit our computer training institute and learning center at Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal. Having already designed and built their website just over a year ago, it was a pleasure to be asked to re-design their logo and branding, along with their printed marketing materials. Knowing that a lot of brides use mobile devices to browse websites like Pinterest and Facebook for wedding flowers ideas and suppliers, we also knew that we had to make the site Responsive.
Using ExpressionEngine as the tool of choice to run the website, we were able to give Eden Blooms a simple-to-use CMS for publishing and editing all their site content. To help ASAS reach as many customers as possible, we designed and built a completely new Responsive website.
To help ASAS promote their electric gates, CCTV and access control products and installation services, we have been able to include their extensive library of photos and useful (search engine friendly) content at the core of the website, to drive new customers to their site. The website utilises the flexible power of the ExpressionEngine CMS, to run the backend database, and to empower ASAS to edit the site's content themselves.
As part of a new sales and marketing drive, we designed and developed a new website for them to promote their products and services. We used our favourite Content Management System (CMS) software, ExpressionEngine, to enable the website content to be fully editable by Avanti, so they can keep their existing and prospective customers up-to-date with all the latest news and product developments.
When we started Oracle Storage back in 2005 we looked at various website designers - looking at their design ideas, their CMS on offer and how their sites worked for SEO. Out of the four we looked at - of which two were from London based website designers - IC360 ticked every box for us.

This ecommerce website has been designed to sit alongside the other product & service focused websites by Oracle Storage. As well as enabling customers to buy products directly from the website, with an easy to use interface for the shopping basket and checkout, we have also used Responsive coding for the HTML and CSS to make sure it can be easily viewed on all devices and screen sizes. A brand new logo, branding and website for this brand new camping pod manufacturing business. We have designed a new logo for them to use on all their digital and printed marketing materials - as well as a Responsive website to act as their main marketing platform.
Creating a solid search engine friendly website to generate more business for this storage systems company. This completely new soap retail business called for branding design as well as a new ecommerce website.
A rebranded Salisbury builder required a new website to generate leads and promote their work. Having undergone a comlpete rebranding, this building contractor from Salisbury, Wiltshire, required a new website.
This all runs from their website hosting platform, provided by our Linux servers, so it can be accessed by any member of staff, from any location.
Swindon plumber Kevin Rolfe, promotes his plumbing and heating services with new branding for his website, van graphics and stationery.
Kevin's website has been up-and-running for a couple of years now, which has succeeded in bringing in new business enquiries, for plumbing and heating services in the Swindon area.
As part of a complete rebranding for the school, we have developed a whole new website to help both staff and parents. We have been delighted to be an integral part of the Winston Way Primary School rebranding, by way for developing their new website.
Sales and promotional website for specially imported hackamore and horse training products. A completely new website overhaul for the Mary Hare School for deaf children, as well as 360 Virtual Tour production. We were asked to code and build the new website, from supplied design visuals, and implement all the required coding and functionality to give them a vastly improved web marketing platform. A large aspect of this project and the services we were able to provide, was regarding the CMS (content management system) for the website. Design to run in parallel with a new radio advertising campaign, this website has been design to appeal to members of the public and to generate leads for the business.
This website designed specially for Phil, provides a platform for revealing some of the antics and stories which Phil and his friends & colleagues have experienced.
This website runs using the Expression Engine CMS, so Phil can edit and update the site himself.

By slightly modifying Oracle Storage's branding, we have refreshed their websites and breathed a new lease of life into their online sales & marketing.
The Graphics designing course taught at IT Training Nepal involves two fundamental processes; idea formulation and generating design. We are glad to share that we have been one of the preferred as best graphics designing training institute in Nepal.
We assure you that you will get the best graphics designing training in Nepal at our computer institute. At the end of the training a final evaluation will be done to judge the knowledge of the candidate.
Creating logos, advertisement, newspapers, books, brochures, certificates, website templates are some of the regular jobs of a graphics designer. When people are searching for something, they will tend to search for one thing at a time, so having a whole website which focuses on a single thing will generally out-perform websites which cover numerous subjects. This meant we were also able to create some new designs for their printed marketing materials - as well as apply the new branding to the website design. In the last couple of years Responsive websites have been the key to making websites look great and function in the same way across multiple devices - Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles.
Having played as a member with the club for a couple of years, I was delighted to be able to offer my services to design and build a new website for them. The overall design for the website came from a need to make the club's image a little brighter and more attractive, in the hope of attracting some new members. In a bid to generate more business from natural search results, rather than relying on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, like Google Adwords, a new search engine friendly website was called for.
As the product photos are really the main element that sell the products, we wanted to keep the overall website design clean and uncluttered. We authored a complete User Manual for them - even though ExpressionEngine is extremely easy to use - and gave them an initial training session on how to use all the tools and features.
They rely on getting lots of business from their web presence, as well as sell their products directly online, so getting their websites right was imperative. So if you are aspiring to become a professional graphic designer, visit our computer training center to know how we provide the best graphic designing training in Kathmandu. We authored a complete User Manual for them - even though Expression Engine is extremely easy to use - and give them an initial training session on how to use all the tools and features.

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