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Click the Start button in the video’s info panel to launch conversion of that particular video, or start the process with the Start button in the top-right corner of the window to convert all YouTube clips in the download list to iTunes format. Click the "Save Folder" button to choose the destination folder for the downloaded original YouTube file and for the converted YouTube file. Click the "Convert and Download" button to finish downloading and converting YouTube to iTunes compatible format. You will get the YouTube FLV files to PC and the converted videos to iTunes simultaneously.

You can start downloading and converting YouTube videos from IE's right-click menu or the built-in browser directly. With Multithreading and batch conversion, you can download and convert YouTube videos at high speed with this tool. Set up the proxy in "Settings" from "Tool" in the menu, and then you can download the YouTube videos via proxy server. YouTube to MP3 Converter can also automatically recognize playlists and retrieve all music from them.

First of all, open the Preferences window, switch to the Audio output tab and see if the Add to iTunes option is enabled.
At the same window you can also adjust the output quality of music (though we recommend staying with the default Original M4A) and select iTunes playlist to add the finally converted music file to.

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