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Ondesoft iTunes Converter will automatically obtain all playlists and files from your iTunes, so there is no need to import files – just select the ones you are eager to convert. Click the “Options ” icon at the top of main interface(or click Ondesoft iTunes Converter - preferences ) and a Preferences window will pop up for you to make the settings. After all is done, Ondesoft iTunes Converter will convert the iTunes music to MP3 formats automatically.
A large number of consumers have digital music purchased through or uploaded to the iTunes multimedia player on Mac and Windows computers. Step 1 – Launch the iTunes application on your computer by double clicking the program icon on the computer’s desktop. Step 4 – Change the “Import Using” to “MP3 Encoder.” On iTunes version 8 or older, you select the “Edit,” “Preferences,” “Importing” menu options to get to the same location to change the import format type. Step 8 – Choose the “Create MP3 Version” or “Convert Selection to MP3” depending on version of iTunes installed on the computer.
For music purchased from iTunes prior to 2009, it may be DRM-protected and will throw an error when taking the steps listed earlier in this article. Step 8 – Use the “Create MP3 Version” or “Convert Selection to MP3” option displayed by right clicking individual tracks to create the MP3 version of the music track.

My itunes have changed all my music from mp3 to mp4 format which causes my computer hard disk(in my computer) disappeared. I followed these instructions, but when I right-click on a music track, no option appears that mentions mp3. I dont have the option to save the settings once I’ve changed the Import Settings to MP3.
After select the Mp3 importer and creating mp3 verions I found the mo3 versions were in the iTunes media folder on the file system it was just easier to copy them from there.
Wow, thanks for the simple directions on converting selected iTunes files to MP3!  I had no idea how easy it was. I converted the songs to MP3 and it listed the new songs at the bottom of the list of recently purchased songs that I converted. Everytime I try to convert a song it pops up saying none of the selected files were converted because they could not be found. Unfortunately, the native iTunes format, AAC, for music files is not compatible with many non-Apple brands of MP-3 player. To convert tracks saved under this restriction, the music will need to be ripped to CD and then converted by iTunes.

To maintain the quality of the file check the bit rate of the mp3 conversion against your original AAC files on the Import preferences.
Have converted all my iTunes music to MP3 and succesfully got them onto my SonyEriccson cell phone. It’s a huge drag if you convert many songs but if they all have something in common (same album, comment, rating, artist or whatever) you can search for the whole bunch of converted songs in one go. After that I followed the instructions that INFORMED gave and it allowed me to convert all of the songs at once. You can find your converted music in the section where it says LIBRARIES and then click on MUSIC. Next go to ITUNES MUSIC, then click on ITUNES MEDIA, then click on MUSIC and you will find all the music you downloaded and converted to MP3 from there.

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