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As we all know, you can buy iPhone ringtons from iTunes store, but it charges $0.99 for each ringtones.
AAC is the standard ringtone music file format, and you tell iTunes to use this format by configuring it's Import Settings (the same settings you use when importing music from a CD). Music files that are converted to ringtone format will not be recognized by your iPhone if they're longer than 35 seconds.
This step must be completed before attempting the next step, or the file length will be too long.
Now that you've converted your song to AAC format and renamed it with a .m4r file extension, it's ready to load into iTunes where it can be. You can double-click the .m4r file from Windows Explorer, or drag and drop it onto your iTunes music library. When you sync your iphone with itunes, your new ringtone will be copied to the ringtone folder on your iphone and can then be assigned as your default ringtone, or as a ringtone for a particular contact.
If you've purchased a song from iTunes, then they're locked from being copied or converted to other formats from within iTunes.
Drag the MP3 file back into iTunes and follow the instructions above for converting it to AAC ringtone format, syncing it to your iPhone and setting it as the ringtone for one or all of your contacts.
Look Before You Convert: The trial version of TuneClone will cut off the music to 3 minutes.
Note: You need to tick the Include CD Text option to preserve the music metadata such as name, artist, album names.
Note: If the total length of the music files in the playlist exceeds what a real CD disc can hold (about 79 minutes), the following message will pop up.

After the burning gets started, TuneClone will automatically convert the iTunes music to MP3 files. You can open the manager screen to show all the converted music files and click the Folder button to locate the output files in your hard drive. Also you can choose to save ID tags and metadata information to the output MP3 and M4A files or keep Chapter information in the converted M4A audiobooks.
Automatically import all the music and videos it finds from your iTunes, no need to add those you want to convert again.
Ondesoft iTunes Converter allows you to customize Codec, Bitrate, Sample rate and Channels of the output file. M4P to MP3 Converter is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
After the burning gets started, TuneClone Audio Converter will automatically convert the iTunes music to MP3 files. Drag your music files to the "Burn List", and click the "Start Burn" button to burn the playlist. After the burning gets started, TuneClone will automatically convert the music file to MP3.
After you correctly select the TuneClone's Virtual CD driver as CD burner, click the "Add" button below to add music files, folder or the current playlist to the burn list. While conversion of iTunes music format using iTunes is possible, it also deteriorates the quality of the content most of the times.
Click the relevant Playlists category and select music you want to convert in the file list.

Now, click on the drop down menu next to the “Import Using” tab and choose the music format in which you want to convert your song.
Then here’s another wonderful tool that will make conversion process look like a left hand job. After being converted, these songs are in your control and you can upload them to Google Play. You can choose more than one or all of them.Also you can easily find any music you want using the Search function in the upper right corner.
When the conversion finished, you can upload your converted music to Google Play, or enjoy them on your portable music players. Here, you’ll be able to check out the 5 different formats that iTunes is compatible with viz. Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) Encoder (similar to MP4 format), AIFF Encoder (uncompressed audio format), Apple Lossless Encoder (apple innovation for preserving audio quality while conversion), MP3 Encoder, WAV Encoder (similar to AIFF). You may also come across situations where a WAV file is not being supported by some devices, then you may want to convert it to other acceptable format while also retaining your original WAV version.

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