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A free PDF of this book’s sample chapters is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center here.
In addition, this chapter introduces Windows To Go, one of the innovative new features in Windows 8. If you are installing Windows 8 on a new system, you need to be familiar with the concepts and procedures in this lesson. Installing Windows 8 is similar to installing Windows 7 in that the number of tasks is kept to a minimum and much of the work occurs without user intervention. Using multiple partition systems can be valuable if you need to run multiple operating systems on your computer or when you want to separate your data from the operating system files and start files for Windows. After the devices have been configured, the system restarts and requests answers to some questions about configuring your account.

If your Windows 8 system will be used in an Active Directory domain environment, selecting a local administrator user name and password is probably better than using your Microsoft account.
This chapter is a journey through the Windows 8 installation process, using multiple installation methods. This lesson shows you how to install Windows 8 by starting with a blank disk and formatting that disk during the installation.
In the Windows Setup dialog box that appears, select the language to install, the time and currency formats, and the keyboard or input method, and then tap or click Next. When the Windows Setup dialog box requests a product key to activate Windows, type your product key and tap or click Next to continue.
When you are prompted to choose a disk for the Windows 8 installation, select the disk you want to use.

The installation time for Windows 8 varies based on a number of factors, including the type of installation media in use and the speed of the computer. Because some of these services are built into Windows 8, this configuration seamlessly connects the local desktop to cloud-based services. Because many organizations remain on versions of Microsoft Windows that are earlier than Windows 7, this chapter also explores the process of migrating to Windows 8 from an older operating system, a process that is accompanied by migrating user data to Windows 8 to enable a smooth transition to the newest version of Windows.

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