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Communication and learning have been an integral part of the education and training process. Mobile Learning Market caters to users from both the academic as well as the corporate world. These, reinforced with technological advancements such as mobility, real time content delivery and others have resulted into the genesis of the mobile learning market.
The market consists of various large and niche players who provide proficient software solutions such as mobile content authoring, e-books, portable learning management system, mobile and video based courseware, mobile content authoring, interactive assessments, content development and m-Enablement.

However increasing cost associated with equipment, connectivity and maintenance for mobile learning solutions, is the major restraint for the growth of this market. Mobile learning solutions enable educators and trainers to provide real-time interactive training and instructions to the end users through the medium of smartphones and mobile devices.
This not only helps to provide an interactive learning experience but also makes learning not restricted to a classroom or a training room. The Mobile Learning Market is consolidated with big players such as IBM, SAP, Net Dimensions, Citrix, Upside learning, among others.

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