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Information contained in this series should be used as a guide only and should not be relied upon as the sole source of information relating to its content. In the past, we outlined and encouraged a bachelor’s degree through Excelsior College and college level testing: ECE, CLEP, and DANTES. Since we begin high school in Year 7, youngsters use Years 11 and 12 to finish these courses and pursue personal interest studies. Since you already studied Western Civ I materials during your Freshman and Sophomore coursework, you might consider reading the REA study guide for the course and taking this test before you begin studying this fall. If remedial penmanship practice is needed, here are some free resources: Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Excellence in Literature: British Literature-read, study, and write according to the schedule in the book. Study Guide-This is sort of an open book pretest right before the test to help you prepare for the real thing. The Ethics in America DSST covers what a student would learn during a Junior or Senior level semester Ethics class.
Snazzlefrag's Ethics in America Study Guide - Snazzlefrag created this for the old Ethics in America DSST. InstantCert Academy Ethics in America Specific Exam Feedback - Nine pages of targeted information for this exam. You'll find an InstantCert link for every exam here if that gives you an idea of the amount of information they have available. Exam Description: The Principles of Management CLEP covers the material normally learned in an Introduction to Management and Organization college class.
Decision making - Never got asked about this on my own Principles of Management CLEP, but here's a decent read through on the subject. Communication Management - Not really happy with this explanation of communication in management since it doesn't give examples, but it's the best I can find. Change - I didn't get asked about this on my own exam, but just in case here's a brief overview of managing change. Training and development - Another one that I didn't get tested on in my Principles of Management CLEP though this is on the list from CollegeBoard. Compensation and benefits - Pretty simple stuff here for most people, but you may want to pay attention to the Compensation link. Work scheduling - More vague terms which I've never seen on the Principles of Management CLEP. Principles of Management CLEP Quick Prep Package - Our own study package for the Principles of Management CLEP exam.

Review for the CLEP Principles of Management - I rarely suggest the official CLEP study material only because most of it I've found to be almost useless. InstantCert Academy - Principles of Management Specific Exam Feedback - Four pages of study notes, specific topics of study, and after action reports. The third catch is that these credits, like CLEP and DSST's, needs to apply to your degree. Whether you're a TESC student (great value) or a student at another institution (good value), FEMA courses are definitely something to think about. The Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP tests the taker's knowledge on a wide variety of economic principles as they apply to the economy as a whole. CyberEconomics Macro Portion - A great resource for both the Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP and the Principles of Microeconomics CLEP. YouTube Economics Lecture Playlist - A college student named Manni has used his lecture and book notes to give a complete Macroeconomics class on YouTube for free.
Sparknotes - Economics - Sparknotes goes into detail with quite a few areas dealing with Macroeconomics, though I would caution against using them as your sole study resource.
All about the Federal Reserve - Chances are that you'll need to understand the Federal Reserve for the Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP exam. Standard Deviants: Macroeconomics - If you prefer video, and the free lecture videos above weren't enough, or if your internet is like mine and it takes you 30 minutes to load a 10 minute video (sigh) then try these out. InstantCert Academy - Principles of Macroeconomics Specific Exam Feedback - Four pages of study notes, specific topics of study, and after action reports. It's perfectly possible to self-study and successfully take the Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP exam. Using last year's schedule as a guide, design a schedule to attach to the front and back covers of your notebooks.
It contains some sample questions that closely mimic the type of scenario-based questions you'll see on the actual exam. I highly recommend (as always) signing up for InstantCert and running through their entire flashcard series as well as seeing the Specific Feedback section for this exam. Normally a day or two of study is enough to pass since most test takers already have an understanding of the majority of material covered. Once you're scoring around 65+ on the practice exam you should be able to pass the real thing with no problem. I had one or two questions quizzing me on this during my own Principles of Management CLEP. For those students, you'll need to run them through a school like Frederick Community College.

Macroeconomics can be described as the study of the economy on the national level, and as such this exam tests on what makes that economy operate.
Most people find the Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP and it's Micro cousin to be intimidating. If you haven't subscribed yet, you should be able to find some graphs demonstrating supply and demand, and opportunistic cost at one of the above free resources. You have many tools in your scheduling and studying tool belt to help you move forward at a reasonable and steady pace through your work.
I considered myself pretty knowledgeable when it came to economics, and I still postponed the exam twice because I wasn't sure if I was ready for it. There are a few CLEP exams that require a firm understanding of how to use the formulas versus just memorizing them and the Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP is one of them. If you're the type of person that prefers to study from a textbook source however, then please see below.
I bit the bullet, sat the exam after studying for a few days straight and passed with no problems.
Another option is BYUI, which for some students is a better choice and some just a bit too quickly paced. I'm not sure if that's because of the extra time I spent studying, or if it was easier than I expected it to be. If you did your coach or instructor wouldn't keep you on the team or in the studio for long. Using a planner like the one below, the student can easily plan subjects and track time spent. An average university student sits  class 12-20 hours a week and studies 2-3 hours per hour in class, and an scholastically minded high school student attends class 30 hours a week and does 3-5 hours of homework per night. This should put the cost of this year's books, study guides, and test fees into proper perspective for you. After completing Year 10, which is the last year of high school for Milestones Students, youngsters begin a course in great books, finish up college testing, and possibly begin the following careers. This easily reproduced table from IKEA fits wonderfully, making this a four function area: conversing, eating, studying, and sleeping.

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