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After analyzing the business problem, you need to set requirements for the design of your app. Process flows also highlight the importance of doing business process management and business process redesign and why business process is so important to information systems.
Now that we have discussed target markets, laws of branding, icon design, and process flows, you are ready to design your iPhone app. Fortunately, the iPhone interface is highly standardized, which means you have fewer decisions to make about the placement and style of interface elements. The status bar should appear at the very top of the screen and display important information about the device itself. The navigation bar appears at the top of the screen directly under the status bar and displays the title of the page currently being viewed. The tab bar always appears at the bottom of the screen and should appear on every screen of your app.

Your task is to copy screen elements from the library and then paste them into the template.
The MockApp template and library are depicted here opened simultaneously in overlapping windows. The four major parts of the iPhone interface are the status bar, the navigation bar, the activity indicator, and the tab bar. In one or more paragraphs describe the situation or problem that your app is designed to address. By creating As-Is and To-Be process flow diagrams, you will be able to analyze the benefits of the app. It is much easier to add, update, and remove actions from a process diagram than it is to add, update, and remove screens from your app. The status bar displays information such as the current time, battery level, network provider, and network strength.

Knowing what required elements go where frees the designer to focus on the content of the app. Using a 12 point font, complete the following exercise using complete sentences and paragraphs. Here you show us how your persona engages in a business process with, and without, your app. Copy elements off any of these library slides and paste them into the blank iPhone template.

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