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Competitor analysis is critical for any marketing plan and SWOT analysis provides the perfect way to do this. Probably the biggest advantage of doing a SWOT analysis is that it enables you to identify your weaknesses.
SWOT diagrams are sometimes referred to as SWOT matrices because they are usually presented as matrixes like the one above.
You can get started easily using a SWOT analysis template readily available on the Internet.
Hi Nishadha, I love how you’ve used the Apple example above to explain SWOT, makes it so much easier to apply to our businesses.
As a student I wish u could just post the more importance of the SWOT analysis in marketing and I think this website is the best for small starting up businesses.

Not only for average small business owners, but even large businesses can make use of it to measure themselves against competitors. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Usually a PEST analysis is done before a SWOT analysis to provide the details for opportunities and threats section.
But it provides a good overall view of your business in a visual and concise manner, making it easy for the marketers. I remembered using a computer program for creating a SWOT analysis in a business case during my university studies. Once you have the complete SWOT diagrams of you and your competitors you can make better decisions regarding your marketing plan.

Nowadays I do a simple version of it together with a lean canvas business model exercise in 20 minutes.
Apple is a global brand with many high level projects, so the below SWOT diagram is a bit simplistic, but see how it quickly conveys the relevant information in an easy to understand manner. Would like to see your take on how to do a competitive analysis in a hyper-competitive international industry.

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