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When I first began creating eLearning modules some time ago, I often struggled to come up with ideas for taking content and transforming it into something that was both a good learning experience and also looked appealing.
Most of us have been using PowerPoint for a long time (usually well before we started creating eLearning) and very few of us were given any kind of instruction or guidance as to how to create a great presentation.
David Anderson put together this short video showing a 5-point makeover process for PPT but it could be equally applied to eLearning design. Connie Malamed is the eLearning Coach and she has many years of instructional design experience. One final point, design ideas can come from other places outside eLearning too such as websites, movies, advertising, art, magazines, and comics. This entry was postedon Thursday, November 5th, 2015 at 10:59 amand is filed under Articulate, eLearning Design, eLearning Development. I love going through the elearning heroes site and the rapid elearning blog for ideas and inspiration.

The Ultimate DIY Guide to eLearning Design we'll show you that you don’t have to be an expert to create effective and good looking courses. Creating “cohorts” of eLearners that complete set eLearning courses during a common time frame.
Building in forced stopping points in the eLearning course, where learners are asked to do “homework” at their desk or to conduct research before returning to the course. Find creative ways to encourage talking during class, to inject the human factor into eLearning.
Ask eLearning graduates if they’d serve as “ambassadors” to others, effectively becoming the marketers for your eLearning program. However, (in my experience) looking at a few samples can often spark an idea which you may apply to your eLearning project and you can also learn a lot by looking at what others have produced. Look at the layouts used, the composition, the colours, and the imagery and try these ideas when you are thinking about designs for your next eLearning project.

I also see it in some of our Master eLearning Course students who are in the early stages of their eLearning careers.
Naturally, these things have found their way into eLearning modules which has then had a negative effect on eLearning generally. We can change any of the styles, lines, weights, shadows or other aspects of it because it is vector artwork. These activities not only set the context for focused learning, but facilitate relationship-building before the eLearning course begins.

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