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Following the advent of iOS 7 earlier today, Apple appears to be busy making small but useful changes to its App Store. So, I went ahead and tried downloading the Infinity Blade III game, which hit the App Store earlier today, using my iPhone 5 running iOS 7, while only on a cellular network. Apple then raised the ceiling to 25MB and then again bumped it to 50 megabytes in March of last year to account for the Retina iPad apps. The only reason I could think of for doubling the limit is that app binaries are about to increase in size, probably due to the combined 32-bit and 64-bit code.
Building such apps is easy, Apple says, because the Xcode tool automatically builds binaries that will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit devices. These will be designed for easy delivery of 32-bit and 64-bit code in a single app package, the company said.
Apple may also be laying the groundwork here for the full HD television apps for a next-generation Apple TV set-top box. Like all stock apps, the App Store on iOS 7 has been graced with a sprinkle of Jony Ive’s magic. The App Store in iOS 7 is all-white and flattened, which goes a long way toward enhancing your reading experience. Even browsing different store sections has been sped up tremendously, which all makes a big difference in day to day use.
Just tap on the screenshot preview of an app to enter a nice full screen gallery where you can quickly swipe through all of the screenshots. Unlike automatic app downloading in Android, iOS 7 gives you greater control over when the App Store will auto-update applications on your device. In order to appease to parents, Apple has added a brand new Kids section to the App Store on iOS 7. Sortable by age, the Kids section makes it easy for parents to discover new games and applications for their children. Another great App Store improvement in iOS 7 is a new location-based app discovery option aptly named Apps Near Me.
Like before, the Share menu also includes options for gifting apps (a feature briefly pulled from iOS 6), copying the direct link, or sharing the app’s iTunes URL via Twitter, Facebook, Mail or Messages.
Apple’s thinking behind making the distinction between paid and free is eyebrow-raising, to put it mildly.
As you could imagine, tapping the Edit button enters a multiple selection mode so you can remove multiple apps from your Wish List in one go. Swipe to the let to pull an app off your Wish List. Just like the Mac App Store, the App Store on iOS 7 devices lets you redeem iTunes Gift Cards by scanning the code with your device’s camera.
This feature taps Apple’s new API that allows developers to enhance their apps with the ability to “scan and recognize barcodes with the camera”.
In addition to App Store changes dependant on core iOS 7 features, Apple is continuously making backend server tweaks to improve layout. In addition to browsing your Purchased items alphabetically, you can also zero in on a specific app by using the search field that was actually added back in October 2011 when iOS 6 launched for public consumption. Snappy performance is bound to strike chord with everyone and some features will be appealing to certain types of users, like the Kids section for parents.
During the WWDC keynote, Apple said it paid out ten billions dollars to developers thus far, solidifying the App Store’s lead as the most vibrant and lucrative app platform on the planet. If history is anything to go by, the firmware update will hit Apple’s servers a few days before the next iPhone lands on store shelves. As always, some iOS 7 features are hardware dependant and may not work on all devices – see our iOS 7 compatibility list. Aww, things like this really makes me want to update to iOS 7 when it releases, but im guessin the bad things will outweigh the good on the final release tbh. I’m doing this with appsfire, it works great and when an app you select is on sale It will immediately send a notification! They need to add back the feature where previously purchased apps download without the need of typing the password again.
Plus the only thing i really hate about ios 7 is that damn DARK shade of green in message app. Not much has been said about an iOS 7 jailbreak thus far, which is weird, because last year iOS 6 was jailbroken within 24 hours. Maybe he finally noticed that most of the great ideas they implement into iOS come from jailbreak community.. Sorry to burst the bubble but that screenshot is entirely possible to be taken on the iOS simulator. With not much being said about an iOS 7 jailbreak, I’m starting to get a bit worried. Sometimes an app’s name will be shortened in the discovery section of the App Store, or even when the app icon is present on the Home screen.
If an app offers in-app purchases, you will see a sentence stating so under the name of the developer. If you’ve already purchased an app under the Apple ID currently logged in to the iOS device, the price button will be replaced by a download button. Every app submitted to the App Store is required to include at least one screenshot to showcase how the app looks. If an app features multiple screenshots, you can scroll through each screenshot while in the enlarged view. There was a time when users were not privileged to see the version history of App Store releases. The Version History panel contains a list of previous updates released for an individual app. The Developer Apps panel contains a list of every application released by the developer of the app you’re viewing. If you have your Facebook account connected to your iOS installation, you can Like an app on Facebook by tapping on the blue Like button.

Users are allowed to provide reviews—both star ratings and detailed reviews—for apps that they download.
You’ll see two tabs beneath the App Store Rating section—one for Current Version, which is for the currently released version of the app, and one for All Versions.
The App Support button, which resides to the right of the Write a Review button, takes you directly to a page designated by the developer for support issues. If you’ve recently made a purchase via the App Store, there is a small grace period for purchasing additional apps without needing to re-verify your Apple ID credentials. Once you purchase an app and begin the download process, you’ll see a cylindrical progress meter appear next to the app.
Apps can be deleted by going to the Home screen and tapping and holding on any app icon to place the device into wiggle mode. Like updating an app, re-downloading an app does not prompt you for your Apple ID credentials. Instead of a buy button, you’ll be presented with an iCloud download button, which is indicative that the app is already purchased and lives in the cloud awaiting your download. There are two-dozen app categories available on the App Store, and even more when you consider that some of the categories, like games, are broken up into sub-categories.
App categories come into play on both the Featured and Top Charts tabs at the bottom of the App Store interface. Apple places highly curated groups of related apps into collections, and makes them available within the main Featured tab of the App Store, and within individual App Categories. New collections are frequently added and are placed in prominent positions within the App Store.
Each Thursday, Apple updates the App Store and frequently includes new App Collections or updates existing App Collections with new titles. Each app detail page contains two buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the screen—Sharing & Wish List. Your Wish List can be accessed from anywhere within the App Store app by utilizing the Wish List button in the very upper right-hand corner of the interface. Once you are finished viewing the Wish List page, tap the Done button in the upper right-hand corner to go back to the main App Store interface. The second option available when tapping the Sharing button for a paid app, is the Gift button. Again, like the individual app gift giving process, you’ll need to select a send date and a gift card style.
There are five tabs located at the bottom of the App Store interface, and each tab has a special use case.
The Featured tab is great for new iOS users and it’s a good place to start for new app discovery. The Apple ID Button will display your current Apple ID (if logged in) and allow you to View your Apple ID, Sign Out, or use iForgot to find your password or ID. The Top Charts tab can also be broken down into specific App Categories by utilizing the Categories button in the upper left-hand corner. Each category features tabs at the top of the page, which correlate to the top Paid apps (where applicable), Free apps, and Top Grossing apps. If you have location services enabled for the App Store app, then you can use the Near Me tab, which is a new edition to iOS 7. Tapping on a search term or performing a search will bring back a grid of search results, starting with what iOS thinks is the most appropriate result. Search results will display the name of the app, the app icon, the buy button, its rating, and a screenshot from the app. All apps appearing under the Update tab contain a What’s New link for showcasing all of the new features added to the latest update. You can search through your purchased apps in order to assist with locating a specific app that you downloaded in the past.
If you make a new app purchase on another device, and that app can be used on your current device, then your current device has the ability to automatically download the app in question.
A handy new feature for iOS 7, Automatic Updates makes keeping your apps updated a painless affair.
With that said, Apple needs to continue working on improving search, perhaps allowing for advanced search parameters.
That means users are now free to download any app over their cellular network that’s up to hundred megabytes in size. You may recall the App Store had originally debuted with a per-app limitation of a measly ten megabytes.
If history is an indication, the newly imposed ceiling should apply to movies, television shows, podcasts and other media content offered on the iTunes Store. However, Apple earlier this week invited developers to start optimizing their warez for the iPhone 5s’s 64-bit A7 chip.
64-bit binaries will be standalone downloads as a stopgap solution of sorts until Apple documents the new binaries some time next month.
For starters, your device defaults to downloading app updates only when on Wi-Fi and connected to power so that it doesn’t waste your precious battery. Here you can also enable or disable automatic downloads for your Music, Apps, Books and Updates (iOS firmware). After hitting the Near Me tab and approving access to your location, the App Store will list all popular apps nearby.
I’m also curious as to how Wish List will work with paid apps that have temporarily gone free. What I’d love to see implemented is the ability to rearrange Wish List entries and organize these things into custom categories, such as Wish List for games, photography apps and so forth. For example, the App Store on iPads running iOS 6 has recently added a brand new lefthand bar which makes it easy to sort your Purchased apps alphabetically.
And with Wish List and Apps Near Me, Apple is adamant about making the app discovery process easier.

Once your UDID is registered then you can update to ios 7 beta without any problem and your iphone will be activated. This is a minor, but i still think some tweaking needs to be done to the GUI as the store front scrolling banner shows images and fonts that are often squashed or stretched to fit! But if you remember or look at a screenshot of a previous version of ios, you will notice the font is the same. There is a wealth of apps available to download in the App Store, and while some may come at a price, many of them are free. The Featured tab contains a panel at the top of the interface that constantly scrolls to display promoted apps.
The developer name is linked, so that when you tap on it, it will take you to a page containing all of the other apps on the App Store created by that developer.
If you’ve already purchased and have downloaded the app, the download button will be replaced by an Open button. If the developer is prominent, the Developer Apps panel may included a stylized heading and background.
The App Store Ratings section is a culmination of all of the star ratings and detailed reviews received. Universal apps are beneficial because it means that you only need to purchase one copy of the app and it will work on both devices.
Some iPhone apps are so different from their iPad counterparts, that it wouldn’t make sense to make it a universal app. You can verify your fingerprint or choose to tap the Enter Password button to enter the Apple ID password manually.
Purchased apps can be re-downloaded as many time as you desire on any device (up to five devices) associated with your Apple ID. App Collections are even more diversified when you begin digging into different App Categories. The Sharing button allows you to Tweet about an app, post to Facebook about an app, and Mail or Text info about an app.
The Wish List button allows you to save a bookmark to an app that you wish to purchase in the future. The Send Gift interface is very similar to the interface you see when you want to gift an individual app. For starters, it’s the tab that you land on when launching the App Store for the first time.
The Near Me tab allows you to see a few of the apps that are popular in your current geographic location. Available updates are updates for apps that have yet to be downloaded, and they feature a button to update the app.
This Purchased button, which is broken out into its own tab on the iPad version of the App Store, allows you to view all of your previous purchases going back to your very first purchase.
The first tab shows all purchased apps, and the Not on This device tab shows all purchased apps that haven’t been installed on the device. Not all of the settings contained in this preference pane pertain to the App Store, so I’ll just list the items that apply. It’s the same interface used for the Apple ID button at the bottom of the Featured tab in the App Store. It also needs to revamp its antiquated review system, and incorporate new ways of discovering apps. Here’s hoping that Apple continues to build on its success and furnish an even better App Store experience in its next version of iOS. Therefore, if you want complete control over automatic app updates on your iOS 7 device, your best bet is to disable the feature altogether.
A dedicated button in the top right allows for a one-tap access to Wish List anywhere in the App Store. Sometimes I’m not 100% sure i want to use up valuable storage on my device with certain FREE apps!
The App Store app allows you to choose from hundreds of thousands of apps to download on to your device. You can tap on one of these apps, or you can tap on any of the apps or sections listed on the Featured tab. Some developers, though, choose to create designated iPad apps and iPhone apps for whatever reason. It’s also the tab that receives the most prominent changes every Thursday when Apple updates the App Store.
As mentioned earlier, here is where you can drill down to featured apps found in specific App Categories. Recent app updates display a date when the update took place along with a button to open the app. If you need to login with a particular Apple ID, you can use this link, or the link at the bottom of the App Store app itself. App discovery is assisted by means of well-curated App Collections, and the ability to easily re-download previously purchased apps is a wonderful feature.
Outside of the occasional firmware refresh, the App Store is the only way to add new software to your iOS device. You can also use the remaining four buttons at the bottom of the interface—Top Charts, Near Me, Search, or Updates—to discover new apps. There are several styles available for you to choose from, styles appropriate for the type of gift that you wish it to be.

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