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When signed in to your YouTube account,  you will see your personalized options like History (renamed “Activity”), Subscriptions, My Channel(renamed “Uploads”) and Playlists. With "Protube for YouTube" you can download videos and listen to audio without a YouTube account.
Searching for YouTube videos to download is done the same way you would in the regular YouTube app. Searching for videos to download can be done with keywords or pasting a YouTube URL into the search bar.
The “ProTube for YouTube” downloader app does support use with Chromecast and Airplay and is just $1.99 on the Apple App store.
The app, which released earlier this month has already seen a phenomenal level of success, ranking in the top 15 paid apps in the USA and Germany shortly after the release and has seen over 45,000 downloads in 176 countries with an average of 5 stars on user reviews. Peach is a new messaging app that blends features from Snapchat, Slack, Instagram and Twitter into one.
Well, this Windows 8 YouTube Audio app is simple and easy to use as it provides limited options. This YouTube Audio app for Windows 8 is great for Podcasts, radio shows, listening to music online, playing your favorite music online in party along with saving your Internet bandwidth, and much more.

Remember: When you switch to another window, the playing audio will be automatically paused. To download and install this YouTube Audio app, just login and search “YouTube Audio” app and click on install button. YouTube Audio is truly a great app to enjoy YouTube content along with saving your internet data. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news.
Or maybe you just want to quickly and easily save YouTube videos in MP3 format for audio enjoyment. These playlists are YouTube videos you’ve downloaded and saved in either video or Audio MP3 format.
Once videos are added to a playlist, options appear for whether to save the content as video or audio MP3 and at what resolution. Audio Mode is awesome for the audio lovers as, once its activated, will only stream the audio track of the video instead of the full video file. Also, if you are a music listener on YouTube, then this Windows 8 YouTube Audio app will be best.

You can create as many different playlists as you want and add videos to them in the desired format. Switching to audio mode decreases Data usage dramatically, while audio quality is even higher than the audio quality of HD video.
After enjoying much success there, creator Jonas Gessner decided the innovation was something he wanted to share with all Apple users. Once the audio mode is activated, users can listen to playlists, just like a music list, while browsing or doing other things on their iPhone and iPad. Above all, the app makes it easy by providing smart search bar to search YouTube video and listen to its audio.
Also, the app to listen to YouTube audio lets you browse content according to your uploads, channel, and video.

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