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If you have mastered the basics of Microsoft Access and are looking for more advanced tips and techniques, you have found the right place.
Note also the work done in this tutorial on Forms assumes you have made the changes and embellishments to the table designs as shown in the Advanced Database Table Design in MS Access 2010 and 2013 tutorial. The screen pictures and examples for this advanced tutorial were done using Microsoft Access 2013. The general idea we are working here is to make entering and updating data as easy as possible for the users.
Before we get into these details, we will start with a more complete overview of data entry forms. Second, When I choose Tabular for my AccountsDataEntry form, it doesn’t look the same as yours.
Also, if possible, please modify the search bar on your pages so that I can limit the findings to only one of your topic areas: Oracle, Access, Visio, etc. It should automatically update the totals when you re-open the form (or refresh the data in the form).

Check box, with a label box that says “I certify that I am the person completing this form”, not entered into any table. Two additional fields, into which the user keys in data and the form enters into the user table. Some of the concepts to review here including running through the Create Form wizard, selecting tables and fields, form colors and designs and working with (navigating) forms.
So as much as possible we want to try and suggest good data to be put into the form fields, provide default values wherever possible, and apply some common-sense checks to make sure bad data is not entered. We develop applications (forms, reports, menus, etc.) to make the job of manipulating data in those tables easier for users. This form design contains a single form corresponding to a single database table with the addition of one or more fields that display data from some other tables or hold the results of summary or calculated values.
I badly need to learn how to do it for my current database project I’m working with right now.
Once you have mastered these basics, please return to this tutorial for the more advanced features.

For the most part the features and screens shown here are virtually identical to the Access 2010 and Access 2007 versions.
An individual form focuses the attention of the user to one or a few of the tables at a time.
In addition, a form can give prompts so the user knows what kind of input is expected and how data is to be entered and manipulated. By default, every form in Access has the capability to query existing data in a table, modify existing data and add new data (records) to the table.

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