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THESE are the horrific injuries suffered by a young mother as she desperately tried to shield her son from a man who became obsessed with her - when she dumped him after just THREE dates.
Due to a tragic set of circumstances, my husband was no longer in our son’s life and mine, and I recognized that my chances of marrying within the Orthodox community were very low because of my age. News that the prime minister’s son, who is 23, is dating Sandra Leikanger, 25, was first reported by the Norwegian daily Dagen.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week that his son traveled with Leikanger in Norway over the summer, and that the two had been dating for months.
He said the criticism of Netanyahu’s son was counterproductive in a country that increasingly finds itself isolated. I embarked on the long and arduous journey of becoming Jewish through a Conservative conversion, only to discover later that neither my son nor I was considered Jewish according to strict religious law, as I had not converted through the Orthodox movement.

Over the course of the meal, he told me that he was “used to being the intimidator” on dates.
It’s not just that the process has been difficult for me — my son has suffered because his mother was “not yet” Jewish, and because he is biracial.
But after my conversion was complete and we were fully Jewish, I noticed that my 13-year-old son was starting to look at non-Jewish girls his age.
To keep kids like my son — who feels Jewish, knows that he is Jewish, but has only experienced rejection and been rebuffed at every turn by many Jewish children — we will need a community that is truly diverse and inclusive. Hagai Ben-Artzi, brother of Sara Netanyahu, said Monday of his nephew’s relationship with a non-Jewish Norwegian woman.
Recently a woman tried to set me up and was surprised when I told her that I’m 51, whereupon she informed me that she’d have to talk to the man, who is in his late 30s.

It’s very hard for a man to do that if he can’t see himself in a child — and that would be the case with most Ashkenazi men and my biracial son.
But this is a decision I have made because I am a Jewish woman, and though my journey was long, my desire to be recognized as a sincere Jew is a lifetime commitment that I will not abandon just because I’m alone. I was not dating at the time, and my rabbi informed me that I couldn’t date throughout the process. A Swahili woman winnows grain outside her home while her young son grasps a large pestle and mortar beside her.

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