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Manuel Legris & Alessandra Ferri - I am still and always will be obsessed with her feet!!! In your very first or second conversation, try to sneak in a subtle compliment that makes her see that you really see her as an individual, not just as any other girl.
If you're making a life decision and are close enough for her opinion to matter, don't make it without asking what she thinks first. Really listening to her will also make her see that you're interested in her mind just as much as you care about her body. Listening to her carefully can also help you get a sense of what she likes and doesn't like, so you can get her the perfect thoughtful gift when the time comes. This doesn't mean you have to be creepy and gaze into the girl's eyes 100% of the time, but when she's talking to you and you're really listening, take a look into her eyes to show that you care. If you're at the movies or walking around, hold her hand for at least a part of it -- if she likes it. If you're on the couch together, don't forget to snuggle or cuddle with her to make her feel special. If you're talking and she's upset, put a hand on her knee, stroke her arm, or hold her hand to let her know you care.
When you greet her and kiss her, run your hands through her hair or touch the back of her head slightly.
If she's really into sports, be there to watch her games when you can, or at least don't forget to ask how it went. If she has a tough exam coming up, help her study, or support her by bringing her lunch or offering to do small favors for her while she studies.
And once you're kissing, make sure you give her a kiss every time you see her without making her feel neglected. Though it's important to let her see how much you care when you're together, it's equally important for her to see that she's on your mind when you're apart. When a new task is presented, have the "say yes" mentality, instead of saying "no" and thinking of all the reasons why it wouldn't be a good idea. Never make her choose between her friends or you unless the friend doesn't have your girl's feelings in consideration. If she asks you how she looks always respond with a positive comment like fantastic or great so she will know you think she looks good. As you start to become close, say things like "hi honey" and "hey babe" to let her know that you notice her. Remember to do the small things like cooking for her, or helping her out when she needs a hand.
If you want to make the girl feel special right away and get closer to sweeping her off her feet, then you have to make her see that you don't just see her as any ordinary person. Though this is a nice compliment, if you tell her too early, she may feel like you're coming on too strong or being insincere.
If you want the girl to feel special and like you really care about her, then you have to show that her opinions really matter to you.

This doesn't mean you should become obsessed with Power Yoga or trail her to the Farmer's Market every Saturday like a little dog. It does mean that you should show that you care about the girl's interests and that you'll support her as much as you can. If you look away from her face, you may not see that she's really upset or agitated until it's way too late. Though you may think that your girl must know how you feel because you tell her from time to time, physical affection can go a long way in sweeping her off her feet. Picking her up, having a tickle fight, or just playfully swatting each other is a great way to show affection. If you really want to make her feel loved, then you have to go beyond complimenting and touching her.
Help her relax by planning a stress-free night in and don't bring up any big questions right then.
Sure, kissing her in the middle of a hot hook-up session will make her feel good, but it's the unexpected kisses that count the most.
If you want to make her feel loved, then you have to let her see that she's on your mind even if you're not together. Though the big, grand gestures, like life-sized teddy bears or a diamond necklace can show her that you really care about her, all of the little things can add up, too.
If you want to sweep a girl off her feet, then you have to bring adventure and excitement to her life.
If you really care about her, then you have to really care about her family -- even if you'd rather be watching the big game than hanging out at her uncle's birthday party. Though you may not think that maintaining your independence has anything to do with sweeping a girl off her feet, the opposite is true. She loves to write articles (she has started nearly 60 of them herself!), fix grammar mistakes, organize and revamp articles, and help other wikiHowians.
If you really want to sweep a girl off her feet, then you have to know how to make her feel special without coming on too strong.
If you want to make the girl feel special, and like you really care, then you have to ask her a few questions about her life and her ideas.
Ask her what she thinks about a variety of topics, from your new shoes to her taste in music.
Pay attention to the little details, from what she really thinks of her friend Stephanie, to her favorite types of sweaters. You don't have to go over the top or try to do something that really doesn't fit with your personality, but if you want her to feel special, you have to make her feel like a lady. It does mean that you should show an interest in some of the things she loves to do, and to ask about her passion for them without being too intrusive. You have to support her, whether it's by watching her soccer game or being there for her after the death of her grandmother. If you're just chatting in the middle of a date or having a nice stroll through a park, give her a kiss and say, "I just had to kiss you right now.

If you want to sweep her off her feet, then you can't just be Casanova for the first three weeks and then tell her that "Sunday is sports day" until the end of time.
Shoot her a text once a day to let her know you're thinking of her, or send her an email from work with a link that made you think about her.
Though it may not be as glamorous to pick up a few groceries for her when she's in a pinch, to fix the broken table leg in her living room, or to go to the vet with her when her kitty is sick, these are the things that will make her think that wow, you really must care about her.
While you can start off a steamy and exciting romance without ever meeting her friends and family, if you want to be in it for the long haul, then you have to make the effort to get to know her friends and to be polite and kind when it comes to meeting her family.
If you want her to feel like you really care about her and that you can take her breath away, then you have to show it by letting her be her own person, and by doing your own thing from time to time. Even if you can't sing that well, she will think its very cute and love you for singing a love song for her. Sure, do things she likes but don't go on and on trying to win her over, that'll push her away. Sure, you may drift off from time to time, but you'll rack up major points the next time her friend Stephanie comes up or you find yourself sweater shopping together; if you mention something she previously said, she'll be really impressed that you care. To be a gentleman, you have to treat the girl with respect, be kind and affectionate, and make her feel like all of your attention is on her, whether you're out at a fancy date or just grabbing coffee.
If she loves to write poems or paint, ask if you could see some of her verses and canvasses. Love isn't always just fun and games, and to really sweep her off her feet, you have to be part of the complete package and be there for her when she needs you. Don't check in eight times a day unless you want to seem overbearing, but if you're started seriously dating, don't let a day go by without a quick phone call or a text. Make an effort to not do the expected and ordinary thing all the time, and the girl will love hanging out with you even more.
Whatever you do that feels new, it will keep the girl's adrenaline pumping, and will keep making her excited about the relationship. Tell her she has amazing hair, a quirky sense of humor, a fantastic laugh, or the most incredible sense of style you've ever seen.
Just asking some slightly personal but not intrusive questions can really make her see that you're interested. But asking what she thinks from time to time will make her see that you really care about her instead of just seeing her as a plaything.
Bring her flowers, continue to compliment her, and find new activities that you can do together, like hiking or learning to cook, to keep things excited.

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