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Now, if you want to start turning up the heat during your conversation with her, you absolutely need to isolate her.
Holding her arms continuously doesn't give her a chance to sub-conciously reeject your kisses or accept rejection if she turns her head. Humans are fundamentally animals and highly sexual ones at that, grooming your girl will subtly communicate that you are a caring guy who looks after people he cares about. Unfortunately a lot of guys find it incredibly difficult to turn a woman on and that’s why they don’t get laid. So I’m going to put a stop to that today, by showing you the best ways to turn a girl on sexually with both verbal and non-verbal techniques.

Hey look at the way that girl is dancing over there, you can totally tell she’d be terrible in bed by the way she’s moving.
If you want to seriously ramp up the sexual tension you need to isolate the girl, it’s the only way she won’t be distracted by her friends and you can work your magic. I’d go as far to say that it’s the best way to turn a girl on, because it shows you’re a dominant male. Girls love it when guys kiss their forehead, it shows affection and no matter how hard a girl tries, she won’t be able to resist liking you that little bit more. If a girl let’s you touch her waist and leave your hand there without pulling away… then you can kiss her.

I can’t think of any other ways that would work better then the tips above, so use them wisely.
I have been thinking about writing something about picking girls on Facebook, so I’ll make sure I write about that in the near future. If you need to force yourself on a girl to get her to like you then you’re a pathetic little boy who needs to grow the fuck up.

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