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Author: admin | Category: Making Out On The First Date | Date: 03.01.2015

Reddit users had become vocally upset with the site's management since the firing of an important community liaison became public late last week. In a post titled "We apologize," Pao promised Reddit, which is owned by Advance Publications, the parent of the Conde Nast magazine empire, would provide better tools to its army of volunteer forum moderators. Pao has been a source of controversy for Reddit since she became interim CEO last fall after Yishan Wong resigned. An online petition to remove Ellen Pao was first circulated in response to the removal of questionable subreddits, but it has since pivoted to focus on Pao's relationship to the volunteer community. As Reddit CEO Ellen Pao apologized to the site's userbase, the front page of Reddit was mostly populated with content unrelated to the controversy. Logged-out users visiting the site Monday can find a few links relating to the kerfuffle on Reddit's front page, including the site's top post, which links to a CNN Money story about the petition to remove Pao.

Even Reddit's Gold feature, which allows users to give other users a star next to their name for $5 per month, was over halfway to its daily goal at noon PDT (3 p.m.
Reddit's moderators first started shutting down subreddits when Reddit's director of talent, Taylor, was dismissed from the company. Although the note posted Monday is Pao's first Reddit post at length in response to the incident on the site she oversees, she did give interviews alongside Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian to several media outlets during the weekend, including to Buzzfeed, the New York Times and Time Magazine. During the weekend, several important subsections of the site, which is the 10th most-trafficked website in the United States according to Alexa, were shut down by volunteer moderators, leading many to declare Reddit was in revolt even though nearly every major Reddit forum, or "subreddit," was back online by Monday. She also named a Reddit employee who will act as a liaison between its community and the company although her post did not mention Victoria Taylor, the Reddit employee whose dismissal was discovered on July 2.
Earlier this month, Reddit banned several obnoxious subforums because they were harassing users, a violation of Reddit's terms of service.

However, many Reddit users saw it as a violation of Reddit's stated commitment to free expression and declared they were moving to, a Reddit clone with a less restrictive harassment policy. Users who still are unhappy with Pao are trying to organize further "blackouts," but according to the discussion taking place on subreddits like Blackout 2015, most forum moderators have decided not to participate in further blackouts.
Other Reddit moderators, who had the ability to make their forums temporarily private, temporarily did so in a show of solidarity.

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