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Author: admin | Category: Boyfriend Finder | Date: 03.11.2015

THE owner of a dating site that pairs millionaires with beautiful women believes the UK needs his service – because the region is an "ocean of ugly women".
Started in 2010 in Denmark, the site was started by serial entrepreneur Gus Terkelsen, 33, whose aim was to introduce a new high-end dating concept. Women pay up to ?30 a year for one year’s membership to the site, depending on the rating they are given by the panel form 1-100 (100 being the best), which is calculated based on their photographs, but  adjusted according to their age and the other women at the club they join.Male members are able to buy memberships for multiple clubs, choosing from a single club ($10,000 or about ?6,000 a year), a ‘region’ such as North America or Europe which gives access to all the clubs in that area ($50,000 or about ?30,000 ) or global membership, which at a $100,000 (?60,000), gives a man free reign to look at and contact all the women signed up to any club in the world. Gus says he was inspired to start the business because he saw a gap in the online dating market.‘I noticed on another dating website that the men weren’t necessarily physically attractive and that those men who were standing in a suit were rated higher.

He believes the world’s richest men often don’t have the time to search for love, but nor do they want to lose control of the dating process and be match-made.And Gus has a rather controversial reason for his decision to launch in the UK, claiming rich British men can't find love as the women here are unattractive. I figured if a man really has a lot of money, he will be willing to pay.’Unsurprisingly, this view of the world, where men are purely driven in their romantic endeavours by ascetic factors, and women’s affections motivated by money, has been challenged by many. It features live chat, online webmail, personal dating blogs and albums and a variety of search tools.U can directly find real wealthy men, gorgeous singles.
It is a truth that men like good looking women, it is very very important to them,’ Gus says.‘Ugly girls don’t like the site and poor guys don’t like it.

They don’t want to admit that guys prefer beautiful women and women want rich successful men.

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