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Despite the apparent romance, a relationship in which a man is younger than a woman often is perceived as disharmonious and devoid of true love. But these recommendations are not squeaky ultimate truth: in fruit there is still too much sugar, too mysterious women eventually tire you with their games and remain with nothing, and not all older men are as well-developed and interesting, as some of their younger rivals. When the main difficulties have been overcome (and a man really deserved this battle), it remains only to plunge into the joy that brings such a relationship. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you’re most likely wasting your time with this kid. So even if this young man’s interest in you is completely pure, even if he wants to have a real relationship with you, you guys are most likely doomed. It just seems far more likely that a) he’s bragging to his friends that he might get to sleep with a woman 20 years older than himself, or b) you guys really might be compatible if only he were significantly older or you were significantly younger. Evan made all good points, but I don’t think he answered the question as to why men in their 20s find older women interesting. Speaking only for myself, when I was 14 I found women aged between the mid 30s – mid 40s to be the most interesting. Now that I am within their age range I still find this set of women interesting and I’m guessing that when I am beyond their age range I will still find them interesting. I have a very close friend in her early 50s who looks AMAZING for her age, plays bass in a rock band, is a very lively active woman with lots of young interests.
Also, at any age you might find you relate well to an individual(s) who are much younger, but come to find out not on every level. I had no doubt  having relationship with a Lady of mid 40’s (which is she’s not married) , I tell this because we have  both  respect each other!!!

Firstly, you can happily benefit from the following paradox: dating older woman, a man looks serious and mature, but on the background of the young men she looks younger. I am a year and a half out of a relationship and in that time, I have found only one guy I was interested in but he did the vanishing act. I really enjoy reading your blog and I feel that of many so-called dating experts that you are right on!
However, if you’re looking for good, clean (and not-so-clean) fun with a young stallion, you can have an amazing time.
But if you are wistful for someone to grow old with, dating out of your generation is not an ideal place to look.
Not everyone ofcourse, but my post was geared toward a mid-40’s woman hooking up with a man 20 yrs. However, relationship with the difference in age are fraught though by decisive, but the more important problems than the fear of the future. Secondly, for its part, too, the man does not want to relax because if a woman is surrounded more mature and experienced rivals, his strap never drops. I have probably more dates than the average woman and I just can’t seem to find a guy I want to date. And for every Demi and Ashton (Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us!), there are thousands of other instances of cross-generational relationships that die a quick, painless death. Maybe not all of them, and maybe not this particular guy, but most guys in their 20s think an older woman is easier and hornier than women their own age. Being involved with a guy 20 years younger than me and then realizing, on his part but never saying so, that past the initial excitement in dating he realized he’s not comfortable being openly in my life nor comfortable having me in his openly, it has made me sad and depressed.

No matter how these people are happy together, their life becomes a constant struggle – the struggle for the right not to make excuses to the neighboring old women, friends and family and struggle with their own prejudices. A woman that attracts a younger man will always be admired but because of the weakness of the human soul it turns into jealousy and frustration. Put another way, there’s a very good reason that you don’t see many 25 year old men with 45 year old women. As a fit, attractive, divorced plus 40 year old woman, absolutely the only guys who hit on me are in their 20’s. But this is debatable, because even people of the same age or older ones have nothing to talk about.
I would proceed with caution, if you’re looking for something more than a fling with a young stud.
I’m just speculating that there are fewer women who would want to start the childrearing process as they near retirement age.
When we see the problems children have brought for my wife’s sister and her cousin, perhaps we were right to adopt this approach!
Because he may be a great communicator, mature for his age, and relationship minded, but he’s also, y’know, a BABY.

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