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Dirty Harry didn’t give a damn whether you liked his tweed suit, and John Wayne didn’t feel self-conscious about his dust-covered neckerchief. It’s rarely about “right” and “wrong.” It’s about whether you can accept each other despite your respective flaws.
If my marriage were falling apart – every single one of my friends and acquaintances would know about it before we got separated. So, like I told the last reader who was debating whether or not to keep her boyfriend, you can either accept him as he is – and know he will be this way forever, or you can try to find another guy who is just like him who is private like you. But from where I sit – admittedly in your boyfriend’s seat – having a boyfriend who is so publicly effusive about you is probably a crime that you can learn to live with. If he’s SHOWING her photos to his friends, that would be violating her privacy and disrespecting her. If his objectification of her is a part of a pattern of other disrespectful behavior, she should dump him.
Kelly– your boyfriend has not been demonstrating discrimination in his speech, trustworthiness with private matters, or class.
I too saw this as just a sign of the boyfriend’s insecurity, just bragging and talking loudly about the sexy pic she sent.
Hunky: The actor said he feels he has to look like Superman whenever he gets his 'kit off''I'm very self-critical and I use that to motivate myself. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Any of these people can make a guy self-conscious the first time you come home to meet his family.

You briefly mention the month you spent in Budapest, and he launches into a rant about how much he hates airline baggage fees. I had a best friend who felt I was a traitor for speaking my mind about him in conversations to friends.
It comes across as his wanting to be noticed and to feel important – really very little to do with her. Perhaps it’s enough for her to know the commentary is not about her, but about his wanting to feel important. If I look in the mirror, I might say, 'You're looking good!' Other days, like today, I'll say, 'Look at you, you fat f**k',' he said.He also added that the burden of playing one of the movie world's hottest hunks can affect him when he's trying to work his charm on potential dates.
He probably had the outline of a six pack years ago, but now, his belly looks more like a sack of leftovers. Then you profess your love for John Hughes films, and he tells some lame story about how he thinks he once saw Bruce Willis at a laundromat. I struggled for years with an eating disorder and I wish someone would open their mouth about whether I physically match my significant other.
So she should dump him to show that she respects his right to blurt out whatever he wants, but it’s not what she wants in a boyfriend. Well, it’s possible that he’s totally self-centered and incapable of making conversation about anybody but himself. And if you can’t change to accept his effusiveness, then you owe it to him to break up with him, so that he can find the woman (and there are plenty) who would adore him for being so proud and complimentary about her. She’s asking him not to comment on her ass in mixed company as a means of propping up his fragile self esteem.

If not, he can explain to his buddies at the next party that the girl with the fine ass dumped him for acting like a douche. But it’s more likely that he just doesn’t know a damn thing about Budapest or John Hughes, and he’s trying to change the subject before you figure that out. It would make him happy if you didn’t stare at the loose, soft parts of his body since it might give you the wrong idea about how fit he used to be (and will be again). So he keeps putting his foot in his mouth, and while he’s indubitably sorry that he’s upset you, he can’t really help himself. A lot of available men like women who are plus size not because of their size but because they are able to see so much more in us.
It sucks for them that they’re so insecure that they have to go out of their way to be nasty to someone else. When you make comments about my ass to your friends, I feel like you’re not being respectful. I’m asking if you could refrain from sharing any of our intimate information with your friends or talking about my body parts.
It’s funny, I hear women all the time complaining about how women are over sexualized and objectified in our modern culture on TV and elsewhere. As a woman, I do feel his comment to his friends was disrespectful and I can assure you I’m no prude.

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