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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. And the truth is that this first meeting really is an interview to see if a romantic possibility exists.
Should that romantic possibility come to be, only then is it time to scope out possible first date locations … but that’s another article entirely. The ideal situation for a first meeting is a place where it’s easy to have conversation – for no more than an hour – without being under the influence. While this all might seem a bit dull and dry, remember that your goal with these meetings is to see if there’s enough chemistry for a first date. Amy Angelilli married the love of her life on the anniversary of their first communication on a dating website.
Also, Amy will be hosting a class through Dabble in Denver on Finding an Authentic Relationship Online, where she will help people figure out how to turn their ho hum profiles into more honest, refreshing, and intentional ones.

When you have your first meeting with someone from the online dating world, it’s just that – a meeting. A park offers peace and serenity, so, if the weather is appropriate, this can be a perfect meet up spot. First, it’s another public place … and you never, never and let me repeat, never want to meet someone for the first time at someone’s home. Meet, before dark, at a restaurant that has counter service, so it’s a casual affair where no one has to worry about who’s picking up the check – you each pay for your own food because this is a meeting not a date! However, you won’t have an empty coffee cup that gives you the perfect out, so come prepared to wrap things up in a timely manner by saying you have another appointment to get to … it’s ok if that appointment is nothing more than feeding your cat, you just have to get going after an hour. Pick a section of a walking path that is in plain view of the general public – save the make out spots for your date. If, at the end of this meeting, both parties have experienced positive vibes, then it’s time for the first date.

Plus, drinking a cup of coffee takes no more than an hour, so you don’t have to worry about having a marathon meeting.
Everyone loves something about Tattered Cover, so you really can’t ever miss the mark there … unless the person you’re meeting doesn’t read in which case this isn’t the category for you.
And if you go this route, remember to wear comfortable shoes, so you don’t cut your meeting short with a blister. Remember, keep this short and sweet, so you can either a) move on to your next meeting, or b) plan your first date … once you get home of course.
It means that meeting someone online can be a breath of fresh air for you and your friends, too.

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