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After four outfit changes, 3 drinks and two near faceplants on the sidewalk (thank you, heels), you finally make it to the party. You’re still swaying as you kick off your makeout session, but that soon changes to more of a grind.
You give your friends the look, seductively pull your hair out of your eyes and turn around to face him. After awhile, you stop moving all together and simply stand in the middle of the room making out while people dance around you.

You don’t really want to continue making out in front of an entire party, but even more, you gotta ask your friends what they think of your makeout buddy. Regardless, the main reason you should be excited for this night is that you're gonna piss all over yourself to the nonstop feel good songs of Thee Makeout Party, and their growing cadre of bubblegum hits. If you haven't already checked out these guys, get right on it and start with "2 EZ 2 Luv U" and lock yourself into their sugar-cave of unmatched lo-energy sweetness and pop vulnerability only rivaled by The Fevers.
The connection doesn't stop there, as Thee Makeout Party's newest record was coincidentally produced by Travis Ramin & Co, ensuring a fey, yet lofty sound and completely chest-pounding take on how great pop is made under the right circumstances.

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