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Mathew: Your favorite part of Matts face is his nose, which he always bugs you about by kissing your nose. How loves kissing you hard enough for you to topple over, but soft enough for you to let him.
But pictures don’t, it always makes you remember those certain moments in your life which you can cherish until the day you close your eyes forever.
A forehead kiss is a good way to show someone you care without coming on too strong— It is caring and respectful.
It’s like we were in the movies and everybody is watching us, like they’re being jealous, wishing they are like us, too!

You could use another drink and maybe a snack to get you through the rest of the pile of shit you called homework. You didn’t mind him having company over since his friends were nice and were super funny people to have around just as long as he gave you a heads up when they were coming over so that you looked decent.
You already had an incident where he brought the lads over and you were just in an oversized t-shirt with no pants on.
I apologize for my appearance,” you tell them as you took out the container of raspberry lemonade. Calum had his hands on either side of your waist on the counter as he trapped you in between his arms.

He lifted you up so that you were sitting on the counter and were now a little bit taller than eye level with him. He placed his hands on your upper thighs as he spread them apart so he could slot himself in between them, his boner still pressing against your wet core. He brought his forehead to press against yours and you could feel his breath on your lips - both of you panting from the sexual tension.He flickered his eyes up to meet yours.

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