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Someone I know recently celebrated her wedding anniversary and reminded everyone of this auspicious date, via social media, with gushing, up-chuck-inducing posts about how crazy in love she is with the main man in her life. Drake is an incredible rapper and an inspiring producer… he is truly someone who knows the value of words, and who also seems very much in love with them. If you are thinking about love, relationships or friendship, here you will find interesting ideas that could help you thinking about a new way to approach your personal emotional universe.
Open the door of your mind and Drake will enter your soul carrying all his beautiful concepts with him.

The great thing about these Drake quotes is precisely the fact that they push you beyond the horizon of your own knowledge, they make you think as if you were standing outside of your own self.
If you listen carefully, if you stop for a second, you will be able to feel the beauty of love and life. Once again, these quotes will help you out and you will be able to look at your situation from a different perspective. When you cheat, you are putting your needs and desires above the needs and desires of your significant other.

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