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To celebrate the release of Rosie Blake’s laugh out loud funny How to Get a (Love) Life, we’re giving away exciting and romantic prizes every day until Friday 14th February. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, housed in a beautiful Grade II listed building in Bournemouth, is the only chocolate themed hotel in the UK and was chosen at one of the top novelty hotels in the world by The Sunday Times.
If you manage to make it out of your delicious digs, theming continues throughout the entire hotel. Today’s prize includes accommodation for two in one of the hotel’s chocolate themed rooms for one night, a bottle of award-winning bubbly and breakfast for two the following morning – including chocolate pancakes. We’ve also collected a shortlist of the most popular romantic ideas that I’ve found at womens’ forums, and I also asked our experts to choose the one that they think is the best for Valentine’s Day. My husband is hard to buy for because I feel like I have given him a lot of the traditional gifts already.

Hope our experts helped you to iron out some flaws in you thinking and you already have some good ideas of Gifts for Valentine’s Day. Until it's her designated mini roll eating time, however, she sits thinking about the smooth casing giving way to the succulent sponge underneath, made complete by the spiralled cream piped through it. If you know someone well and have been with them a long time, it shouldn’t be too difficult to know what they like and don’t like. Many of the gadgets that I’ve bought have been total wastes of money, especially new releases.
But some people can be tricky to buy gifts for (perhaps they have a very clear idea of what they’d like), in which case, the best thing to do is ask them. So for some people, it might just be a chance to put their feet up for the night and not have to cook.

I tend to lean more towards those gifts that the person would have fun with but wouldn’t buy for themselves. I wish you happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to make a romantic video message for your partner with Minute of Life. The most romantic gestures are the most thoughtful ones – think about what they want, not what you think they should want.
Thinking ‘outside the box’ can really help – gifts don’t have to be expensive or even cost anything at all.

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