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The topic was one that was sure to draw responses: the wife of an enlisted soldier had written in because she had been asked to be the “pourer” at a coffee gathering for other spouses. My new friend, April, an Army officer’s wife (we didn’t know each other then), jumped in, too. An officer’s wife mentioned that all of this stuff is covered in The Army Wife Handbook and if the letter writer had done her homework, she would have known this already. Although nothing can fully prepare you … From one Army wife to another, a book full of goodies to go along with your future years of experience.

About Rebekah SanderlinRebekah Sanderlin is an Army wife, a mother of three and a professional writer.
Inside was a used copy of The Army Wife Handbook and on top of the book was a lovely, pale pink envelope with my name and a smiley face written on the outside.
How I wish I could present this to you in person … Here is your very own copy of THE ARMY WIFE HANDBOOK!
I firmly believe that no Army wife should have to purchase one for herself so I’m hoping that we can start a trend by signing & sharing!

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