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If you are the type of person that has no problem being “the other woman”, then you should pursue the affair if he is interested and if he is not satisfied in his marriage. Before you go out and pursue a relationship with a married man, you need to be aware of the consequences. Another point to consider is that if people find out you may be labeled with many negative words such as “tramp”, “homewrecker” and other less than polite titles. By pursing a relationship with a married man, you could break apart a marriage, even a stable one.
And if you love a married man but he is unwilling to leave his wife and family, then you may have to reconcile with the fact that you have to share him with another woman.
Married men can not get away from their wives and families on special events or days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Fourth of July etc.
If you are always meeting the guy somewhere outside or you have always been invited him to your place and he never takes you to his home then he might not live alone or does not want to take you there and meet his kids and wife. If a guy does not make it easy for you to find him on Facebook, or encouraging you not to look for him, then there is a good chance that he is in fact married or at least he is hiding something.
At some point, usually early in a relationship, you should probably have the opportunity to meet some of the friends of the person you are dating. Many married men who are working in a State can have his wife and children in another state. If your boyfriend becomes much more distant in public that when the two are alone, you could be afraid of recognition.
This can cause no end of public shame not just to you but to those you associate with such as friends and family.

This could cause you to receive threats from jealous wives or even, if he decides to end it, the man you were dating. This in itself can lead to jealousy and resentment because he is choosing his first love, his wife, over you.
He knows that you’re finally going to get a whiff of that wedding ring, and when you do, he does not want you to call him in the middle of the night. There should be no reason to be constantly going out with a guy after say a month or two, and you have no idea where he lives. If your new lover is usually behaves this way in front of you, often avoids picking up your calls whether he works in espionage. Moneybags, a man who seems to always have at least a couple hundred dollars in cash a few at any given time. If you really like the guy but he ends up using you, you are going to feel hurt and rejected.
So before you share your feelings with that handsome married guy, know what you are getting yourself into.
If you feel more soft, waxy than the rest of your skin – then you normally wear a ring there.
Keep your distance from you in public makes it less likely that people see you as a couple. But if your new love seems to always pay for everything in cash, and does not use cards because he does not want his wife to look over the accounts of the credit cards and wonder why you spent $ 200 at a French restaurant luxury in the day he said he was working late. You should only admit how you feel if you think there is a good chance that they might feel the same way about you.

If the guy that you are in love with is happily married to a wonderful woman, then you should just keep your feelings to yourself and consider it as one of life’s unfair tragedies. If, on the other hand, the man’s marriage is rocky and you think the two of you share a connection, then you might consider opening up to him about your feelings. If the answer is no, then you should not pursue the relationship, even if the man is interested in you. Now, he might just think you are crazy and only considers him a jump and just do not want to be lurking. But more than likely, if you have never been in his crib, he is engaged to someone else and you’re a side piece. Some married men just want to satisfy their own needs and no matter what they tell you, they have no intention of ever leaving their wives.
If you are in a relationship with a married man and you want to get something positive out of it, you need to be careful that the attraction is more than just physical and that you are not just being used.
It is difficult to know everything about someone unless you are already in a relationship with that person. So that is something you need to consider to figure out if you are truly in love or just infatuated.

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