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Just like all girls have a general idea of what makes a great boyfriend, guys have a general idea of what makes a great girlfriend. Men say that women are an enigma, but it turns out females feel the same way about members of their own sex. While men appear to know anything about their fellow males with little more than a grunt, the sisterhood is a complex sorority. Women and men often have gripes about the other sex's behaviour, but it turns out girls also take issue with personality traits of others females (picture posed by models)While men are happy to slug it out if they come across something the disagree on, women will keep it to themselves. It means that a girl can often go for months or even years without realising she is doing something that is annoying another woman. My gf has this thing where she doesn't want to feel dependent on people (her mom's first husband died so her mom had to fend for herself, so my gf doesn't want to end up unable to take care of herself), If he offers to do something for you, don't shut him down.

But let's face it: everyone likes to be needed, so it's okay to let your BF help you with stuff sometimes. Have your own interests (even when they aren't his), have your own friends, and be able to do things on your own. Being a good girlfriend sounds easy, but it’s actually a lot more tough than you would think.
This list of qualities isn’t meant to change who you are, or to get you start doing things just to please your man.

Don't give him a hard time for having a boy's night once in a while, and leave him alone when he's hanging out with his family or just having a little alone time. Here are 10 not-so-obvious qualities of a great girlfriend, according to real dudes over at Reddit.

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