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Read on and learn about these Disney secrets and awesomeness and make the most of your time there!Don’t forget to bring this list with you the next time you visit a Disney theme park. On each ride a guest is secretly chosen to be the Rebel Spy and their picture appears on screens several times throughout the ride. 46 years ago Walt himself developed this secret drinking spot for his VIP guests with the idea of entertaining investors and business associates in the most luxurious way possible (unfortunately he died before it opened in 1967). I bet during your visit to Disneyland that you will not even notice a single “non magical” thing. Next time you take a trip to Disneyland, take a look for yourself and see just how many thing are painted with this special green color.

If you or your children have the type of personality that likes to look down at where they are going, this next secret is just for you! Many people that visit Disneyland and see these cats roaming around think that it is a “pest problem” or similar. Things like structures, utility equipment, bathrooms, and etc all blend into the background of Disneyland. When the original Disneyland was being built, Walt Disney had a small apartment above the fire house where he lived.
That my friends is one of the only places in Disneyland where you can grab a a beer or liquor.

Currently, Disneyland has five permanent places for cats to eat, sleep, and drink when they are off the clock. These cats have been helping Disneyland manage the mice population for over have a century!

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