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Author: admin | Category: Find Me A Good Man | Date: 24.05.2015

Before I started writing personal love notes, I began by placing pre-made printable lunch notes in my hubby’s lunch box on a random occasion. My Hubby Lovin’ Pinterest Board where you can find even more printable love note options as well as other amazing marriage tips. View even more companies and products I love or check out how you can become one of my faves!

I left a paper trail of love notes for my husband during our last anniversary, while writing them I realized I had the capacity to love him more than I do and it was nice watching him love them… and me.
My husband’s love language is words of affirmation and I know that I could do more to affirm him. This is such a great idea and you have inspired me to sneak a note into his lunch box when he starts his new job on Monday.

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