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Driving your boyfriend crazy is a guaranteed way to make your relationship more fun, dynamic, and sexy.
If you want to be really sexy, dress really provocatively from time to time -- or when you know you and your man will be alone. If you want to be frisky, you can turn things around and say, "Now it's my turn," and enjoy letting him touch your body. There's nothing wrong with sneaking off to your friend's balcony in the middle of a party and stealing a few kisses. Trying out new moves is a great way to keep things fresh -- just make sure you're not doing anything that doesn't make you comfortable. If you take a dance class together, you'll be getting your adrenaline pumping while you enjoy each other's company. Tell him that you're taking off your clothes and that you'd like to get clean, too -- but not before you both get a little dirty. You can tease your man by kissing him a little bit, but it'll drive him wild if you play a bit hard to get. Don't rush into anything too quickly, wait a few months into your relationship before going for these kinds of things.
If you want to drive your boyfriend wild and to make him want you even more, you have to be bold, adventurous, and sexy, and to remember to keep things feeling exciting and fresh. Try creating smoky eyes with dark eyeshadow and mascara, and wear just a bit of lip gloss or lip balm to draw attention to your lips.
If you want to drive your boyfriend crazy, then you can't just give him what he wants all the time. You can say, "This shirt is so tight," or "I can't believe how big my chest looks in this bra," to make him want your body. If you're wearing a lacy bra, lean toward him a bit so he gets a look at your cleavage in the bra.
You can't just drive your boyfriend wild when you're alone and keep him at arm's length when you're out in public. Kissing your man's neck will drive him wild and will want him to take things to the next level with you. If you want to drive your boyfriend crazy, then you have to be adventurous and be excited about making love or just hooking up in new places.

If you want to drive your boyfriend crazy, then you can't keep doing the same old stuff together, or your relationship can begin to lose its luster. Another way to get adventurous and to drive your boyfriend crazy is to explore new places together.
Being in a completely new environment while hooking up will drive your boyfriend crazy and will make him see you in a new light. If you're not too shy, then a little bit of healthy role playing is guaranteed to drive your boyfriend crazy and to make him want you even more. Take a dance class or just take your man out to a nice bar or club with some mood-inducing music.
Though you may think that sending dirty texts is silly, it's a great way to remind your man of how sexy you are when you're not around, and to check in with him in a sexy way. Just saying, "I want you," or "I can't stop thinking about last night," will keep you fresh on his mind. If you want to know how to drive your boyfriend crazy faster than you can kiss his lips, just follow these steps.
This doesn't mean that you should look sexy or dress provocatively all the time, or that you should change your looks just to turn on your man. Being sexy in public doesn't mean trying to initiate a make-out session in the checkout aisle at your local grocery store or touching your man every chance you get. Though there's nothing wrong with good old kissing, kissing his neck is a great way to drive him wild and make him crave you.
There are some great foods that can help make your relationship feel more romantic and sensual at the same time. If you're always getting it on on the couch or the bed, your moves may begin to feel stale, so you should mix things up from time to time so your boyfriend is still crazy about you and so that your relationship and love life feel fresh.
Instead, you have to find new ways to keep things fresh -- and to continue to turn your man on. You'll get a new appreciation of your relationship, and your sexual chemistry, if you're out exploring completely new locations.
You can have fun in a variety of role-playing situations, whether you're pretending that you're late to a party but really can't get enough of each other, or if your boyfriend pretends to be a stranger knocking on the door. Have fun leaning close to your man, whispering in his ear, and letting him explore your body.

Pick a night to take complete control of him, to drag him up the stairs and into your bedroom, and to tell him exactly what you want him to do. If you have to be apart for a night, a few days, or even a month, sending a few well-timed dirty texts is the perfect way to make your man want you even more.
When you're hooking up, throwing in a dirty phrase or two can mix things up and drive your man wild. You can sit your man down on a chair, play some upbeat and sexy music, and have fun getting on his lap, teasing him, dancing around the chair, and even bending over with your back to your man so he can see your body.
He loves to review new edits in Recent Changes Patrol, write new articles, and connect with other editors and authors as a Welcomer. It does mean that you should try to up the ante a bit with your clothes and make up, and dress and look in a way that makes your boyfriend notice you -- and want to get you alone. If you're out, touch him provocatively by putting your hand on his thigh or caressing his neck before moving away. It does mean touching your boyfriend in a knowing way from time to time, giving him seductive smiles, and mentioning something that makes him want to get private. Just wait for him to sit down and be relaxed and get behind him and start caressing his shoulders, kneading his muscles harder and harder until he moans with pleasure. Dim the lights, get your man in bed, and walk into the room like you own the place, with your head high. If you're alone in the bedroom, drive him wild with your kisses and caresses before removing your clothes.
You can also run your fingers in circles on his head and at his temples, and work your way down to his back and sides. Wear some sexy lingerie and high heels, and cover up with a long button down shirt, or a sexy dress that you can easily remove.
He appreciates that wikiHow is a great place to connect and collaborate with others, and overall have fun while doing it. Then, strip down to your underwear while you use a chair as a prop so your man can see you move your body while you remove your garments.

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