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And so, whether we like it or not, no discussion about women’s right can afford to exclude men – and as a result, the definition of what a man is will alter that discussion a hell of a lot. Robbed of this comforting (if completely unjustified) position description for ‘how to be a man’, most are forced to resort to far less reliable authorities. So men bob between these various sources and their own experience in deciding what it means to be a man – and consequently, how they should interact with women – and it should come as no surprise to anyone that they frequently screw it up. Best-case scenario, this will lead to our man reflecting on and revising his definition of manliness.
It turns out that ‘what does it mean to be a man’ is actually a pretty daft question in the first place, at least when it comes to deciding how you live your life. If you are born with the appropriate junk (both physically and psychologically), then congrats, you are a man. This entry was tagged Choice, Culture, Femininity, Feminism, Gender, Gender roles, Humanity, Man, Manliness, Marriage, Masculinity, Pride, Relationships, Sex, Social.

Agreed, but it does seem to me that observations of hunter gatherers don’t necessarily paint the picture of the unemotional hulking man. Great point!on an individual level the case for masculinity over femininity is a lot tighter, but in a social group situation, feminine characteristics are extremely valuable.
Whether it’s something embarrassing but harmless (attempting break-dancing and cleaning the floor with one’s face), self-destructive to the point of suicidal (setting one’s arm on fire to demonstrate pain tolerance, while wasted and nowhere near water), or flat-out gross (grinding up against a strange women in a club, because that’s what one is meant to do in a club and she should know that), the pattern is the same – the guy is functioning on a set of assumptions about what they are meant to do as a man (be awesome, be tough, and be sexually dominant, respectively), has put those assumptions into practice, and has discovered that those assumptions don’t actually work out so well. To tell a man that has based his life to date on his definition of manliness that it is wrong, is literally no different from telling a committed Christian that there is no god – not only are they not going to listen to you, your razor-sharp critique is actually likely to strengthen those beliefs.
There’s a far simpler and healthier way of thinking about manliness: not thinking about it at all.
Here’s a definition of a ‘Real Man’ (or Real Woman) for you – someone who forges their own path based on what works best, rather than some idiotic standard that no mere mortal can or really should try to achieve. It deducts for typical effeminate characteristics, for example, the number of subscriptions to beauty magazines and how many home furnishing stores are in the city.

Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question; I imagine most of us came up with the usual list of characteristics – strength, toughness, courage, facial hair, and probably more dominance than we’re really comfortable admitting to. And whereas the message is fairly clear for women (‘do whatever you want sister!’), men are in many cases still trying to sort out where the new boundaries are and what they’re allowed to do now. 31) awarding Nashville the number one spot in the Top 50 Manliest Cities commissioned by COMBOS® in partnership with Bert Sterling, the research expert of the “The Best Places to Live” studies.

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